Justin Higham - Pseudo Card Cheating Switches and Related Moves

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    Mention 'card-cheating switches' and magicians very often shy away due to (a) the fact that such switches are not really meant for performing, and (b) they are often quite difficult to execute. In particular, switches requiring one-handed pick-ups and throw-downs or complex palm changes and re-gripping, are avoided.

    The switches in the present ms. are pseudo cheating switches, and the reader may be pleasantly surprised to find that (a) they are not that difficult (requiring more coordination than manual dexterity), and (b) they can be used in pseudo-cheating demonstrations to good effect without having to reveal their methodology. Several of the switches may also be used in a magical context.

    Explained is the Basic Move, 'Empty-Hands' Method, No-Palm Method (Kevin Baker), Lateral-Palm Method, Jennings-Concealment Method, Underhand Method 1 and 2, Under-Deck Method, Modified Tent Switch, Pseudo-Deal Palm Switch, Pseudo-Removal Palm Switch and Variation, Flip-and-Fan Palm Switch, Turn-and-Look Packet Switch 1 and 2 (Benjamin Earl) and Variation, and End Notes with several more ideas and applications. All but one of the switches are packet switches, not single-card switches. Most require palming (but not always in the conventional sense) but none require lapping (as in scooping or dropping cards into the lap or similar).

    This updated edition of an e-book first published in April 2010 contains 25 pages and is illustrated with over 100 photographs. A5 saddle-stitched booklet with card covers.

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