Justin Higham - More Pseudo Card Cheating and Related Switches

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    This second volume of pseudo-cheating switches contains a wide variety of card and packet switches for both pseudo-cheating demonstrations and magical use, to be applied at the reader's discretion. As with the first volume, the moves here do not rely on advanced palm changes or hand-mucking techniques, but basic palming and switching manoeuvres well within the reach of the intermediate student.

        Behind-the-Hand Switch
            As a Pseudo Blackjack Switch
            As a Full Packet Switch
        Two-Stage Sequence Switch
        Push-Forward Unload Switch (with Chip Cover)
            Bank-Note Unload Switch
        Lateral-Palm Swivel Switch (Will Houstoun)
        Ringing In a Fooler
            Fake Deck Switch
            The 'Appearing-Deck' Packet Switch
        Casual Palm-Replacement Switch
            Illogical CPR Switch
            1-of-2 CPR Switch
            2-for-2 Spread Version (Houstoun)
            1-of-2 Spread Version
            1-of-2 Squared Version
        Modified CPR Switch (Houstoun)
        Secret-Transfer Switch
            Secret-Transfer Deal-Off Switch
        Turn-and-Spread Transfer Switch (Houstoun)
            As a 3-of-4 Switch (Houstoun)
        Tip-Up Hole-Card Switch
            With a Forward-Tabling Action
        Underhand Hole-Card Switch 1
        Underhand Hole-Card Switch 2
        Modified Kardyro Hole-Card Switch
        Two-Faced Hand Muck (Bobby Bernard)
        Simulated Placement Flick Switch (David Davies)
        Arm-Rest Muck (Daniel Madison/Benjamin Earl)
            Lap Variation
        Pseudo Turnover Switch
            As An Addition
            As a 1-of-2 Switch
        Mechanical Queens Revisited
        Being a Magician
        Spread-Cover Unload Aces
            Spread-Cover Unload Switch
        An Extra Layer of Deception
            General Note on Presentation

    41 pages, over 140 photos, A5 saddle-stitched booklet with card covers.


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