Julio Montoro and MagicWorld - POST IT GONE

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    Julio Montoro and MagicWorld - POST IT GONE


    Prepare for an entertaining and highly visual piece of magic by the incredible Julio Montoro.


    This spectator's freely selected card is clearly showed front and back and then lost in the deck which is placed on the table.

    The magician begins writes a prediction and is confident that he/she has in mind their EXACT CHOSEN CARD. The post it note is turned around and it says "YOUR CARD". After a little laugh you explain that is not over yet. You remove and stick the post it to the reverse of the post it pad. With a shake the post it VANISHES COMPLETELY. You then spread through the cards on the table revealing ONE CARD which has the same POST IT NOTE stuck to it's reverse.

    The playing card is turned over and it's THEIR SIGNED SELECTION!

    • Comes with 2 handlings, easy and super easy!
    • Generous extra vinyl gimmicks included.
    • 2 Post it pads (1 gimmicked ready to go) and a spare for swapping out at end if you wish.
    • Video instructions
    • You can buy 38mm x 51mm refills from most stationary stores.

    Please note while the effect comes COMPLETE almost ready to perform, please watch the video first as you must use a glue stick and stick 1 extra sticky note to the gimmick before use.