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    Opaque: Full Billet Peek

    A test conditions full billet peek for mind readers.

    This is a simple, but effective method for gaining information written on a business card. This is ideal for the close up arena, but would also work spectacularly under stage lights.

    Inspired by Bob Cassidy’s now classic feat in mentalism the two-envelope test I created in 2011 “Opaque”. The beauty with this routine is that everything is kept in view at all times, the envelopes can be handled freely and probed to be truly opaque.

    The two-envelope test is a classic feat in mentalism and what I have done here is stripped everything away, there is no need for windows, no switching, no unnatural handling. Everything is truly examinable and everything is ultra-clean and direct.

    Effect: A piece of information is written on a business card. The spectator places it inside an envelope. This envelope is placed inside another envelope. Everything has been examined, yet you still know the hidden information.

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