Jon Racherbaumer - Red-Hot Mamas 17 Ways and Means

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     Jon Racherbaumer - Red-Hot Mamas 17 Ways and Means


    This manuscript is a compilation of methods in order to identify and track its history. In the process, it hopes to show how a given trick evolves, sometimes devolves, and ultimately reflects the periods of time this process has occurred.

    The trick in this case is the "Red-Hot Mama" or "The Chicago Opener," a presentation that has been around for almost 60 years and has been a useful, dependable and enduring workhorse.

    In its basic form it is an effect where a card is selected. Its back changes color and is set aside. A second card is selected, lost in the deck, and the initial selection changes into the second selection.

    • THE HOT CARD TRICK - Al Leech
    • DOUBLE SURPRISE - Max Katz
    • RED AND BLUE FANTASY - Walter Gibson
    • AL LEECH'S "RED HOT MAMA" - Jim Ryan
    • CHICAGO OPENER - Frank Garcia
    • BLUEFIELD DEBUT - Michael Ammar
    • DRY-DOCK DIVINATION - Jon Racherbaumer
    • EASY-RIDER MAMA - Jon Racherbaumer
    • CHICAGO'S HOT MAMA SURPRISE - Allan Ackerman
    • THE LUCKY CARD - Chris Carter
    • WINDY-CITY WALLOPER - Jon Racherbaumer
    • STICKY MAMA - David Regal
    • WHITE-HOT MAMA - John Guastaferro
    • RED HOT SARDO - Dylan Sardo
    • MAXIMIZING MAMA - Jon Racherbaumer

    1st edition 2016, 71 pages.
    word count: 16025 which is equivalent to 64 standard pages of text


     Jon Racherbaumer Red-Hot Mamas 17 Ways and Means



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