John Jurney - Transformer Coin System

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    John Jurney - Transformer Coin System



    (c. 2018) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)


    This is a comprehensive set of coins that are basically uncredited versions of various Dream Coins and Triple Coins released by Johnny Wong c. 2008.

    The big difference with John Jurney’s coins is they can talk a little when compared with the original ones released by Johnny Wong.  That being said there are some interesting routines that John Jurney has put together and the price is good for the selection you get.

    In addition, the Chinese Coins in this set look more realistic than Johnny Wong’s do.  Finally this set offered here comes with Old English pennies but later releases used Australian pennies.

    Effect: Pay attention to the word-System- because this is exactly that.  A complete “Coin System”. The ultimate set from John Jurney that allows you to perform a multitude of vanishes, appearances and transpositions. First introduced at Magic Live 2018, where we sold out on the second day, despite bringing deep inventory. The reason is three-fold: quality construction of the coins, the incredible variation of different routines you can perform and price. In other words, if you were able to individually purchase all the necessary coins needed to make up this set, it would set you back TWICE the price of what is being offered here. 

    That stated, you can’t purchase these coins individually because they are custom-made by John Jurney. This set allows you to perform some of the most visually “eye-popping” coin magic possible. It comes with routines and explanations, but there are so many other possible effects above and beyond what is featured. This is the complete package. If desired, you can perform effects using just some of the coins provided or incorporate all of them for a medley of mind-blowing magic.


    • Half Dollar Triple Sliding Coin,
    • Standard Half Dollar Coin,
    • Chinese Split Coin,
    • Standard Chinese Coin,
    • English Penny Split Coin,
    • Standard English Penny,
    • Standard Shim,
    • Custom Leather Coin Purse that holds all the coins,
    • Drawstring Velvet Storage Bag
    • and a link for routines and explanations.

    John Jurney Transformer Coin System

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