John Guastaferro - Sophisticated Stunners Bundle

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    John Guastaferro - Sophisticated Stunners Bundle


    Nearly 30 amazing, commercial routines for one unbelievably low price. Enjoy the elegant, refined work of one of our favorite creators John Guastaferro with "John G.'s Sophisticated Stunners Bundle." 

    John G. is an expert at crafting intelligent, sophisticated masterpieces that are often much easier to accomplish than you'd ever expect. Economical methods and intriguing plots make John's effects a true treat to learn and perform.

    You'll get 2+ hours of video content, as well as nearly 60 pages of remarkable material from one of his all-time bestselling eBooks. While a bulk of it is card magic, you'll find some incredible close-up effects as well, and even a pinch of mentalism. There's truly something for everyone.

    As anyone who has ever read his bestselling release, and former Book of The Year, One Degree knows, John loves discovering the small, intentional tweaks that can elevate our magic. This thinking is sprinkled throughout this bundle and is bound to make you rethink how you approach your magic.

    The "Sophisticated Stunners Download Bundle" Includes:

    Center Stage

    Filmed live at The Session, "Center Stage" is one of the biggest collections of close-up magic John has ever released. It features a unique collection of 14 routines and moves. More importantly though, there are 14 distinct lessons embedded in each effect for those who pay attention to the finer details.


    • Lost and Found: John's signature routine where a signed card vanishes from a clear sleeve before reappearing back inside.
    • Gemini Squared: John's nearly self-working take on the "Gemini Prediction." Four business cards placed in the deck by your participants end up predicting the outcome before a surprise ending shocks everyone.
    • Invisible Opener: Imagination becomes reality as invisible items appear from nowhere. From playing cards to poker chips and rubber bands, this is a great way to introduce your props.
    • GPS: A card with a compass drawn on it helps find the participant's signed card before eventually becoming the selected card itself.
    • Homage to Homing: A powerful card-to-pocket routine featuring three distinct and increasingly-impossible phases.

    Also included is a bonus 20-minute interview with John discussing his intelligent and accessible approach to creating strong magic. You'll learn the easy tweaks you can do to take your magic to the next level and add layers of polish, mystery, and meaning.

    Discoveries and Deceptions

    This remarkable eBook is bursting with real-world, practical material you'll be eager to start using right away. You'll get nine card magic tricks that can be performed anytime, anywhere with a borrowed deck, as well as a selection of strong close-up material including an impromptu mentalism miracle with a borrowed iPhone. As with all John G. releases, there's also a variety of insights that will inspire your creative journey.


    • M.I.T Aces: Instead of finding the selected card, the magician can only seem to keep finding the Aces. This "problem" is eventually solved though with a surprising, powerful moment that is sure to leave an impact.
    • Book of Clues: The audience digs for clues in the deck to determine the identity of an unknown card. Like any good mystery, there is a shocking final twist.
    • X-Factor: The magician uses X-ray vision to look through a deck locked inside the tuck box.
    • Match Game: The performer and participant find the four Aces together.
    • iContact: A fun and powerful bit of off-the-cuff mind reading where both you and your participant manage to somehow think of the same contact from the contacts list on their phone

    Wonder Aces

    This stunningly beautiful effect is the perfect embodiment of John G.'s elegant styling and commitment to getting the most value out of every routine. While the performance is only about 60 seconds, its development is 10 years in the making. "Wonder Aces" is a masterclass in plot, structure, and striking the perfect balance between effect and method.

    Multiple moments of magic are packed into this elegant, economical effect. Each one is more impressive than the last, eventually culminating in a stunning and visual finale.

    You start by producing the Aces one by one in unique ways. Each Ace gets its own distinct, visual moment. The first materializes, the second is found reversed in the deck, the third appears in a sandwich, and the fourth is "painted" across your fingers. Then things really start to take off as the entire deck changes from blue to red before, finally, the backs of the Aces change as well.

    Perform it to music or construct your own narrative. "Wonder Aces" is worthy of any magician's attention. It's not overly difficult and is well within the realm of most card magic performers.

    Don't miss your chance to own this incredible bundle. This limited-time deal won't be around for long. Download the "Sophisticated Stunners Bundle" before it's too late!


     John Guastaferro Sophisticated Stunners Bundle

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