John Graham - Encore

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    John Graham - Encore




    A complete professional act using just a deck of cards and a Sharpie.

    While John Graham was already one of the busiest underground workers for decades, he cemented his place in the magic community with the launch of his smash-hit book Stage by Stage. Now he’s back with a commercial, professional routine that breaks the mold on one of the most popular plots in magic.

    The Multiple Selection is beloved by professional magicians around the world. Many pros even use it to close their shows (our own Andi Gladwin included). Yet, nearly all of them follow the same mostly-linear structure. Multiple cards selected, and then multiple cards found.

    “John has created the first major leap forward in the multiple selection routine in decades. Far and away the best multiple selection routine I've ever seen.” Asi Wind

    "John Graham has come up with a very original and commercial approach to the multiple-card location plot. It’s well worth any card magician’s study."Darwin Ortiz

    In theory, you’ll technically learn seven unique tricks. Encore is also designed to be modular. So, you could stop anywhere and still have a fantastic routine.

    However, the true value of Encore comes from the routining and how each effect seamlessly blends together. John has spent decades refining it in front of real audiences. Every second, every beat, and every move has meaning. Each twist provides a moment of clarity or reinforcement.

    This brand-new approach to The Multiple Selection revolves around the idea of repeated revelations. While each selected card gets its own distinct revelations, there are also fun added elements of surprise as the past revelations are continually tied back in.

    So, when you find the second card, you also re-find the first, and then you find both the first and second card again when you find the third…and so on. These continued callbacks give your audience a reason to stay invested and make the routine feel so much larger. And every callback somehow comes as a surprise, making it extremely fun for the entire audience.

    And, again, all you need is a normal deck of cards and a Sharpie.

    “John has invented an entirely new structure for my favorite effect. I love it!” Andi Gladwin

    The beauty of Encore is in the details. Which is why it is being presented in a gorgeous, slim hardback book instead of as a download. You’ll have no problem learning all the intricacies thanks to incredible descriptions and illustrations. You can go at your own pace and return to a certain section anytime you need, plus you get all of the tips from 100s of performances.

    When you dedicate decades of your life to one plot, continually exploring new options as you polish and perfect every detail, you end up with gold. John made all the mistakes others make doing Multiple Selection routines so you don’t have to. Get Encore today!

    “I have performed a multiple selection routine for years and have read pretty much everything on the subject. This approach by John is amazing, entertaining, and most of all unique and surprising. It’s really an act, not just a trick or even a routine. It’s all high impact with nothing wasted or extra, except maybe for that 'H' in his first name.” Jon Armstrong

    “This booklet, not even 40 pages long, is the best value I’ve seen in a book in a very long time. No word or space wasted, just all in strong card magic that builds into an amazing act. You don’t want to miss this gem from one of my favorite magic authors.“ Caroline Ravn



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