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    Jim Krenz - Jim Krenz Collection



    Four incredible effects from a true legend of close-up magic. Save more than 60% instantly with this amazing collection.

    Few magicians are as knowledgeable as Jim Krenz, who spent 15 years working at the iconic Magic Inc. and is a lifelong student of magic. He has studied alongside some of the most incredible magicians to ever live like Juan Tamariz, Tommy Wonder, Slydini, Ed Marlo, Eugene Burger, Don Alan, Jim Ryan, Tony Andruzzi and Jay Marshall.

    Throughout his career, Jim developed dozens of original effects and techniques, and has lectured in nine countries. He's a close confidant of Juan Tamariz and that shows in his work.

    Yet, it has been far too long since Jim had a mainstream release for magicians. So, we're so excited for the chance to bring you four of his best creations. Each one is available separately or you can save big by grabbing the complete collection. Get all of the routines plus access to a ton of amazing bonuses for one low price!

    Whether you're already a fan of Jim or this is your introduction, we know every magician will love the "Jim Krenz Collection." Save 60% instantly by downloading the complete collection now!

    Contents of the Jim Krenz Collection

    Click each link to see a full performance or see them all in one place in the extended trailer below

    A signed card vanishes from the deck and reappears inside the card box that has been sitting in plain view. This practical and versatile technique for secretly loading a playing card into a card box is one of Jim's signature creations and has been popularized in recent years by Asi Wind. Jim teaches you everything you need to master this magician-fooler in the easy-to-follow video.

    Glitch in the Matrix
    Using a subtle, yet invaluable, tweak to the standard handling, Jim has largely eliminated the moments in which the method is typically telegraphed during a normal Matrix routine. The result is a quick, visual, and super magical routine that is as fun to learn as it is to perform. Four normal coins and four normal cards are all you need to make your audience question reality.

    Ring Off Rope
    A mind-boggling Ring Off Rope routine that is as fooling as it is entertaining. Jim's unique Ring Off Rope move enables the rope to be knotted and pulled, leaving the audience absolutely convinced that it must be totally secured. Yet, you're still able to make the ring melt right off as if nothing was in its way.

    This is likely to be the highlight of the bundle for many magicians. Your audience sees (and hears) a signed card being torn into many tiny pieces before it's restored instantly. As soon as you learn the method, it will become quite obvious why Juan Tamariz considers this to be one of the best torn and restored card routines.

    As a special bonus, everyone who purchases the complete collection will also get a special PDF filled with eight easily-digestible theory articles from Jim about how to make your magic matter. This includes discussions around creativity, meaningful practice, the pursuit of perfection, the power of words, and more. You will also receive a video explaining "The Krenz Overhand False Shuffle" and a PDF exploring Jim's super simple system that takes just a few seconds to implement and will give you the power to identify cards in Mnemonica stack without needing to look at their faces.


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