Jim Krenz - ImpLoad

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    Jim Krenz - ImpLoad


    Their signed card vanishes from the deck and is found inside a card box that has been on the table the entire time.

    "ImpLoad" is Jim Krenz's signature technique for secretly loading a playing card into a tuck box right under their noses. This practical and versatile move has been popularized by Asi Wind and now you can discover the secret by grabbing this download, or save big by getting it as part of the "Jim Krenz Collection".

    This deceptive move is a ton of fun to practice. You won't believe how it just flies right by your audience. Some of the most talented magicians in the world have been totally fooled by this.

    The name "ImpLoad" is actually short for "Impossible Load" because every time Jim fools someone with it in a lecture, and then goes on to explain later how he loaded the card while they were watching, they often say, "that's impossible!"

    "I've been fooled badly by this. My friends have been fooled badly by this. Signed card cleanly goes into the deck, vanishes, and appears inside the box that's in full view on the table. Highly recommended." R. Paul Wilson

    Easy-to-follow video instructions will teach you everything you need to master this amazing technique. It will take a bit of practice, but "ImpLoad" is well within the range of any magician willing to put in the work. Those who do will be rewarded with a powerful tool they'll use for a lifetime.

    Runtime: 24 minutes


    Jim Krenz - ImpLoad

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