Jim Krenz - Glitch in the Matrix

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    Jim Krenz - Glitch in the Matrix


    A quick, fun and super magical Matrix effect using just four coins and four playing cards.

    Download now or save big by getting "Glitch in the Matrix" as part of the "Jim Krenz Collection".

    Jim Krenz loves matrix effects, yet feels that the standard methods are often designed in ways that accidentally telegraph themselves as you move along. With just one subtle, yet critical, tweak, he has created a delightful Matrix that is a ton of fun to perform.

    "Glitch in the Matrix" is easy to learn and will leave your audience questioning reality. Those who perform Matrix routines already will really appreciate the change and how simple it is to implement. No extra coins needed.

    Runtime: 6 Minutes

    Jim Krenz - Glitch in the Matrix


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