Jim Coles - Psychokinetic Deceptions

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    Jim Coles Psychokinetic Deceptions 



    A number of cool metal bending, breaking and joining effects.

    A nail, first given out for examination, is held in the left hand and stroked with the right index finger. The nail is seen to visibly bend backward and is once again given out for examination. The performer’s hands are otherwise empty.

    A nail is shown and may be examined, dropped to the table, and covered with the right hand. Directing a burst of mental energy at the nail, the performer moves his hand away to show the nail is now broken into pieces. Everything may be examined and the performer’s hands are empty.

    Right Angle
    A spectator straightens a paper clip which the performer holds between his left index finger and thumb. Holding his right hand above the wire, the performer apparently pushes an invisible wave of energy down, causing the top half of the wire to bend over at a right angle. The bent wire can then be given out for examination.

    The performer removes two pieces of wire from his wallet, places the ends together, and welds the pieces together into a single length with just the power of his mind.


    Jim Coles Psychokinetic Deceptions


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