Jiggery Pokery By Biagio Fasano & Michael Daniels

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    Jiggery Pokery By Biagio Fasano & Michael Daniels
    Jiggery Pokery is a self-working three-phase Texas Hold 'em routine for mentalists and card workers and develops a principle by Ben Harris which he published as Psi Poker. This ebook is fully endorsed by Ben Harris
    "This is great. I am thrilled. BRILLIANT." - Ben Harris
    "A great self-working audience-participation routine. I like this ebook very much." - Peter Duffie

    "Interesting and clever" – Gianfranco Preverino

    "I appreciated your work (particularly the first part about the Prediction effect which looks excellent) … not only and simply for the work itself but for the passion I found in it. Only with research can Magic improve, live, and survive ... The greatest pleasure in Magic is not only the performance but, above all, the research and the creativity and you are on the right path. Congratulations." - Tony Binarelli

    This routine is best suited for performance at the card table, using two or more spectators. The routine may be presented as either a prediction or clairvoyance effect. The prediction effect is very easy and involves no memory work. The clairvoyance effect is more advanced, and requires some basic memorization.
    Prediction Effect

    The mentalist places three numbered sealed predictions on the table. A full deck of cards is shuffled and spread on the table. The spectator on the right cuts the cards and deals three hands following the standard rules of Texas hold 'em. The three hands are then examined in the showdown, and the mentalist's first prediction is opened and read out by the spectator. The mentalist has correctly predicted the value of each hand, and the mentalist's hand wins.

    For the second round, dealing passes to the mentalist and the number of players (real or imagined) is increased to five. The cards are shuffled again, and a second spectator cuts the deck before the cards are dealt. The five hands are examined and the second prediction is opened and read out by the spectator. The mentalist has correctly predicted the values of all five hands, and the mentalist's hand wins.

    For the final round, the dealing passes to the player on the mentalist's left. Five hands are again dealt. The spectator then opens and reads out the third prediction. Once again, the mentalist has correctly predicted the value of all five hands, and the mentalist's hand wins!

    Clairvoyance Effect

    The clairvoyance effect follows the same sequence of rounds. Instead of predictions, the mentalist (who may be genuinely blindfold throughout) describes the hands in detail, including actual values of cards (e.g., "John has a pair of Aces … Bill has zilch … Marty has a pair of Sevens … Sam has a pair of Kings … but I win with an Ace-high straight!"). Again the mentalist always wins.

    "I love Jiggery Pokery! There are only a few great gambling routines ... 'Jiggery Pokery' might become such a great classic ... as easy as it is an amazing routine ... If you are interested in a great Poker routine for mentalists, then 'Jiggery Pokery' by Biagio Fasano & Michael Daniels is a must for you!" - Dr. Hans-Christian Solka
    Please note the following:

    Completely self-working and 100% successful. No sleights or skill needed.
    Uses no stooges, switches, equivoque, multiple outs, or dual reality.
    The spectators freely choose exactly where to cut the cards. Spectators deal the cards.
    Predictions are numbered and placed in plain view before the cards are cut and dealt by the spectator for the first round.
    In the clairvoyance routine, the mentalist names the exact values of cards.
    Clean and completely logical procedure that follows the standard rules of Texas hold 'em.
    Can be performed as a one, two or three phase routine.

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