Jeki Yoo Masterclass Live 1

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    Jeki Yoo Masterclass Live 1


    Session 1 - August 6, 2023 (4pm ET | NYC Time)
    Fourth Dimension
    Jeki’s famous red ball routine where a ball visually transitions from 2D to 3D.

    Cone and Ball
    Evolving the classic idea, Jeki has created a routine that looks like trick photography as a red ball vanishes, teleports, vanishes, and then turns into a white ball.

    Zone Zero (Unpublished)
    Create a “portal” that connects directly to your house and allows you to produce a coffee pot, a tap, and a washing line seemingly out of thin air.

    Impromptu Haunted Deck
    An impromptu version of the classic haunted deck effect that can be performed any time you want.

    Y Shirt Trick
    Your shirt and silk transpose colors. As a white silk changes to yellow, your audience is so amazed, they don't even initially notice that your yellow shirt is now white.

    Linking Glasses
    A fun linking rings routine where your finger ring and glasses ended up linked to the rings.

    Coin Through Bag
    Coins impossibly penetrate through a clear plastic bag. This is pure eye candy with that signature Jeki Yoo charm.


    Jeki Yoo Masterclass Live 1

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