Jeff McBride and Copeland Coins - Money Goblet

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    Jeff McBride and Copeland Coins - Money Goblet



    The Money Goblet is a magical product that enables the user to perform an unending series of coin magic tricks. It is an essential tool for any magician or aspiring magician looking to perfect their craft.

    Anyone who has performed magic is familiar with their spectators’ number one request: “Can you make money appear?”

    And the answer is “YES!” Because with the Money Goblet, making money appear is easy! The only question is, “How much?”

    With the Money Goblet, you never have to stop! Coins are invisibly delivered into your hands so that you can produce endless amounts of money. It only concludes when you decide to quit. And the last coin production…It is just as deceptive as the first.

    This is the Money Goblet. And this is the Dream!


    The Money Goblet is a solid brass, handmade celebratory chalice from India (the number one place on the Planet for brass goblets)*. Jeff Copeland custom ordered these Goblets to exact specifications and colors for highly visible magic.

    Afterwards, the Goblet was then gimmicked by Copeland Coins’ master machinist right here in Texas, USA. That’s right, our same machinist who brought you the Copeland Coin Box and Copeland Copper/Silver with IllusionEdge is back with this project to give you the cleanest, simplest delivery system of coins that is never even suspected.

    There are no moving parts, extra pieces, special sleeves or wardrobes required. There are no tells, fumbles, or funky moves to get the coins into your hands. All you have to do is hold the Money Goblet and follow Jeff McBride’s master teaching in the included video and you will be performing master level coin illusions in no time!

    “The Double Jeffs, two personal heroes of mine, have produced a real treasure here. Not only can I now produce gold coins forever (a dragon’s dream), but I also have a clever way of defeating any Knight who challenges me to a drinking contest. Hurrah!” 

    – Piff the Magic Dragon

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