JeanLuc Bertrand - The JLB Marked Deck World's First Connected Deck

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    The JLB Marked Deck World's First Connected Deck


    The JLB Deck is a marked deck that comes with connecting technology, exclusive content, a dedicated mobile app & magic tutorials.

    Like any other deck in History, The JLB Deck is a bunch of regular cards - with a pretty dope design - That's what you might think! You may slip it at a party, have a card game with friends and let people play with it... and no one will notice that YOU'RE CARRYING SO MUCH MORE


    1. Sealed Deck Magic Opener
    Start your performance with a brand new sealed box. The FIRST EFFECT you'll be able to perform is finding a spectator's chosen card upside down in the sealed box... aka The Brainwave or The Invisible Deck Routine.
    Thus, each JLB Deck is sealed with an upside down card inside. You might not know why we did that, but if you know... you know what you don't know... is that in the tutorials provided with the deck, we'll show you 3 slick methods to perform that effect.

    2. Magic In The Magic
    The JLB Deck contains 56 cards - with a pretty dope design - We'll spare you the regular 52 cards speech... because that's obvious. The 4 extra cards are not your usual Double Backer and white card. Inside you'll find the fruit of many brain strains.


    1. The Marking
    With a unique marking system, the JLB Deck has without any doubt the Most Efficient and Obvious Reading Method for magicians and yet is absolutely invisible for muggles. These cards are thought for Every Kind of Situation a magician may face.
    The design of the marking is thought for all magicians. Even if you're LEFTY! You can spot the marking at A YARD AWAY (0.923m) or 2 yards if you're under 25.

    2. Zoom Magic Effects
    JeanLuc Bertrand designed and created 5 exclusive routines Tailor-Made for the new wave of Zoom magicians. We can therefore say that the JLB Deck is COVID-friendly.

    3. Tutorials
    Once you'll have the TOOL in your hand and the WEAPON concealed inside... You'll have access the THEORY and the SUBTLETIES to transform your close-up set into an unforgettable magic performance. JeanLuc will share with you his form of magic where the method is not important, only the result matters.

    4. The JLB App
    This app will leave so much room for upgrades, creativity and reputation maker effects... A world wide tool for magicians, from close-up magic to Zoom performance. The first and key feature is that it is directly connected to the JLB Deck. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Paypal, Snapchat, Twitter, email, phone number, URL...

    • Directly connected to the JLB Deck
    • Compatible with all phones
    • Get known magically
    • Connect with your audience
    • Share your digital presence instantly
    • Social media, contact information, websites & much more.
    • Link to any URL
    • Change the link at any moment
    • Increase your database

    The JLB Deck comes with

    • 15 exclusive video tutorials
    • Including tailor-mad zoom magic effects
    • Multi angles views
    • English - French - Spanish subtitles

    You will learn:

    • Easy to do impressive magic
    • No amazing sleight skills required
    • Impactful commercial magic


    • How to enhance your interaction with the audience
    • How to turn any contact into a client
    • Working tips and advices

    That's why the JLB Deck is a money maker, It will secure gigs for you!