JC Sum - Illusionism

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    JC Sum - Illusionism


    om the author of the internationally critically acclaimed Urban Illusions, Illusionary Departures & Equilateral books and the producer of the best-selling Behind the Illusions DVD comes a first-of-its-kind book dedicated to professional illusions and large-scale stage routines for mentalists and mental magic presentations.

    Professional illusionist & illusion designer J C Sum details eight original illusions and stage routines for mentalism shows, complete with full presentations, full-colour illustrations and building plans.

    The routines offer an alternative fresh perspective of presenting mentalism. They also demonstrate how illusion methods and principles can be combined with mentalism methods to create unique stage routines. The book also explores how visual production value and scale can be a valuable addition to a traditional minimalist mentalism show.

    The routines were designed specifically for:

    • Corporate & Special Events
    • Cruises
    • Theatre
    • Showrooms
    • Clubs
    • Television
    • Fashion Shows
    • Who will benefit from this work?
    • Mentalists looking to add scale and large-scale effects to their show
    • Magicians interested in an alternative perspective & approach to presenting mental magic
    • Illusionists looking to add variety and unique illusion presentations to their show
    • Magicians new to both mentalism and illusions and are looking for interesting plots in magic
    • Illusions and routines detailed in the book include:

    First impressions
    A large-scale visual opening prediction revelation that opens a show with a bang and establishes the nature of a mentalism show

    Unseen Forces
    A three-phase telekinesis routine with a spoon, block of wood and wineglass

    A secretly chosen wineglass from a number of glasses shatters upon concentration

    A stage routine that involves giving spectators a chance to win your paycheck for the show. As a kicker finale, the paycheck transforms into a large box full of money!

    A light-hearted comedy mentalism routine that involves a spectator being shackled to you!

    Psychometric Touch
    A powerful climax for Fogel's signature routine

    Jumbo Visible Deck
    Adding a Visual Element to the Invisible Deck Routine

    Fashion Statement
    A prediction routine involving a choice of the latest fashion apparels with a sealed prediction in a large isolated glass box that ends with a logical illusion kicker!

    Things to know:

    All the routines, except for "Fashion Statement", can be performed by the solo performer. Basic illusion knowledge is not necessary to understand the illusions in this book. However, illusion and illusion building knowledge is required if you intend to build some of the illusions yourself. If not, any illusion builder or stage prop maker will be able to build the illusions for you.

    Also included is the explanation to J C's "Developmental Force" that is a devious enhancement to the "Magician's Force" with playing cards or envelopes.


    JC Sum Illusionism

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