Jay Sankey - Don't Blink Collection

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    Jay Sankey - Don't Blink Collection

    "The secrets and insights Jay shares on his 'Don't Blink' project have transformed literally all my card magic. Nothing less than incredible."-Meyer Schwartz


    With the 'Don't Blink' project you'll learn 20 eye-popping card changes guaranteed to set your performances and your 'social media' on FIRE!

    The 'Don't Blink' project features Jay's FAVORITE transformation techniques including: the Second deal, Snap Double, Rise Change, Illogical Double, Erdnase/Houdini Change, False Take Ruse, Tenkai Switch, Paint Brush Change, and the extremely versatile Twirl Change.

    You'll also learn the secrets to some of Jay's own original, little known 'underground' techniques such as the Shanghai Change, Rub-Away Change, Flip-Toss Technique, Double Erdnase/Houdini Change, BoTop Switch, 3 lethal Roll-Over Changes, the Devious Double Change, and Jay's especially visual Starfish Change!

    NOTE: This is the perfect card magic project for ALL skill levels - because Jay teaches everything in complete detail.

    So if you are a beginner OR have been studying sleight-of-hand for years - this is the collection for YOU.

    Now you can learn the all-important 'small details' that make a big difference.

    So you'll learn these powerful sleights BETTER and FASTER, including:

    *Dealing with Angles
    *Practice Tips
    *Cover Gestures
    *Re-Set Positions
    *Adapting to Different Performance Situations
    *Using Time Lapses to Maximize Impact

    SPECIAL BONUS: Jay also reveals the 4 BEST Double Lifts in all of card magic!

    PLUS you'll learn:

    TERRA UNFIRMA: Jay's been keeping this 'optical illusion' card routine to himself for years. Watch a piece of a playing card become a REAL HOLE - and then instantly change back to just a piece.

    IMPOSTERS: One of Jay's all-time favorite stand-up card tricks - featuring an exciting series of changes and a surprise finish.

    UBERCHANGE: You'll be able to have a card change, even though the face of the card is initialed by a spectator! Another ground-breaking Sankey innovation!

    Order NOW!

    "The secrets and insights Jay shares on this project have transformed literally all my card magic. Nothing less than incredible."-Meyer Schwartz

    "Card magic is my specialty, and I have NEVER seen a change as pretty as the 'Starfish' change."-Shiv Browning

    "The rollover changes are worth the price of the entire project."-Kelly Henning

    "Tera Unfirma looks like 100% real magic. Brilliant visuals."-Tony Paul

    "Imposters is one of the finest effects in card magic. I perform it close-up, stand-up, everywhere."-Mike Chambers

    "Don't Blink features one visual shocker after another."-Jim Westin

    "I can't believe Jay revealed the Uberchange. One of the coolest principles ever."-Chuck Dyson

    "I really admire the wonderful detail Jay goes into on every sleight. Exceptional learning experience."-Jonathan Quan

    "Jay's 'Shanghai Change' is super dramatic."-Eric van der Veer

    "Just taped the 'Devious Double Change' for my Instagram. It's going to get raves."-Barry Oliver

    "I'll be closing a lot of my shows with Jay's 'Imposters' routine. Amazing trick on so many levels."-Don Arlington

    "Thanks to Jay, my BoTop switch is now completely invisible and super versatile."-Hal Cox

    "UberChange is a game changer."-Steve Westly


    Jay Sankey Don't Blink Collection

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