Jacob Mescam - Foolers Errand

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    Jacob Mescam - Foolers Errand


    An envelope containing a prediction is introduced to the spectator and is left in full view until the very end. A spectator then generates a random number. The spectator then uses this random number to help them to think of a card from the deck. The spectator's card is then lost back into the pack and the magician then reveals his prediction inside the envelope, however it appears the prediction is completely wrong and it looks like things keep getting worse. Right until the very end when the magician reveals the hidden meaning of the prediction and is able to divine the location of the spectator's card. Not only that, but the magician is able to prove at the very end that they knew the spectator's card from the very beginning and finally reveals that the rest of the deck is completely blank.

    Bonus effect: Jacob will also teach you an impromptu version of the trick which uses a regular borrowed shuffled deck of cards. Sound too good to be true? Trust me, it isn't. Both effects taught in this download require very little sleight of hand and are practically self-working.

    Note: You will need to purchase your own blank decks to be able to perform the gimmicked version!

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    Jacob Mescam - Foolers Errand

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