It’s Your Choice By Paul Brook

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    It’s Your Choice By Paul Brook

    276 page ‘Limited Edition’ hardback book of only 200 copies


    Paul has been using ‘It’s Your Choice’ to perform quick and powerful mentalism during walk-around shows for many years.

    Here is what the general principle looks like:

    Four cards (containing any information) are shown to the participant, and she freely takes any one of the four cards.

    Instantly, the performer can demonstrate, without any doubt, that he knew she would choose that card. This proof is in the hands of the participant on the reverse of the card that has been selected.

    Not only that, but the performer can then fully explain how the participant has been influenced in precise detail, and this can be physically proven!

    You will be learning a technique that’ll allow you to create a customisable mentalism prop. You can make this prop with items you have at home, and it will work for you 100% of the time.

    Once you build the prop and understand the technique to this mentalism utility, you can perform bespoke close-up mentalism that will fit perfectly with any story you want to tell.

    ‘It’s Your Choice’ will be a perfect fit.

    The prop will allow you to create the exact presentation your client desires, perfect for those mentalists working in the corporate and trade show environments.

    Paul shares his in-depth creation backstory and logs the changes that have transformed ‘It’s Your Choice’ from a lukewarm performance piece to possibly the most versatile opening effect in close-up mentalism.

    For those worried about the skill levels involved in prop creation and performance, rest assured that this effect can be easily made and performed by a novice in the world of mentalism.

    Inside the book are a whopping 168 illustrations by Paul, that will help you understand the finer aspects of the required moves and the construction processes.

    Great care has been taken to ensure that the written instructions are easy to follow, but illustrations make learning ‘It’s Your Choice’ a breeze.

    Once you have learned the mechanics and construction of the props, it will be time to dive into the ample 27 presentations for ‘It’s Your Choice’ that are included between the covers.

    With each presentation, Paul aims to share more and more of the subtleties that can be used within the framework of ‘It’s Your Choice’.

    These themes go far beyond the normal realms for mentalism effects. You can lift any presentation from the pages to perform them ‘as printed’, if you don’t feel very creative.

    The limited edition content features several presentations explicitly designed for the trade show, wedding and corporate markets. If you want to earn money in these types of events, ‘It’s Your Choice’ is a must.

    Inside the book, the custom creation workshop will guide you through the real-time prop creation process from start to finish. I am providing you with a running commentary of the nuances you will need to consider as you create your bespoke props.

    It’s always great to get the perspective of a world-class professional mentalist, and none other than Banachek has kindly agreed to write the foreword for ‘It’s Your Choice’.


    There are a few people in this world who perform mentalism that really get what a pure mentalist is, or maybe I should say, that as performers, there are a few that care about being a pure mentalist.

    Few that understand the power of an extra word, an extra non pointed out part of the presentation, can take a trick to a miracle status.

    Paul Brook just happens to be one of those few.  His touch is gold, much like Midas.  Only his gold is the stuff of legends within our mental performing world.


    If you order you will get the following bonuses:

        A randomly selected physical product from the HeKnows store up to the value of £25, posted free of charge with your copy of ‘It’s Your Choice’
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    When all 200 physical copies have been sold, a PDF version of ‘It’s Your Choice’ will be sent to all owners.

    In this unlimited edition PDF, the ‘Limited Edition’ content and the ‘Custom Creation Workshop’ will be removed to protect this information found within the limited edition book.

    This unlimited PDF version will only become available to purchase at the HeKnows shop after all 200 copies have been sold.

    A number of people have received advanced review copies of ‘It’s Your Choice’ and their reviews will be placed here over the coming weeks.


    F**KING brilliant! I love this!

    I haven’t added a single piece of mentalism to my close up repertoire in years. This is going straight into my act with my own twist on one of Paul’s presentations. This is a HIT!

    Keith Barry


    Thank goodness the mentalism community has Paul Brook in it!

    Because he absolutely understands what our business is about and he’s happy to teach all of us what he knows.

    Paul’s latest book is a large tome on just a single trick, an effect that you may already know. If that puts you off already then good, because this book is not for you…move along.

    If on the other hand you want to understand how a busy professional mentalist takes an existing effect and crafts it into a powerful, multifaceted, entertainment packed, audience pleasing ‘worker’ then this book is most definitely one you must read.

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a mentalism book that goes into so much detail about a single effect and it’s a fascinating read.

    Paul passionately describes his journey of discovery with this particular routine, in fact he describes it as an obsession and he’s probably right! It’s an old effect buried away on an old DVD. It’s cute and fun and that’s what first attracted Paul’s attention.

    If I’m honest I know this effect and I too have played with it and thought it was…okay. But whereas I put it to one side and forgot about it Paul’s brain clicked into gear and started his journey.

    His creative process and how and why he incorporated each of his changes is fully described and this is worth its weight in gold to any mentalist who wants to get more creative with their material.

    Over the years Paul has shaped that ‘okay’ effect into a powerful, engaging and commercial piece of mentalism that has tremendous value to the real world performer.

    That value is its entertainment potential and its flexibility. This routine can have so many different presentations applied to it and Paul fully describes LOADS!

    Whoever you are and whatever you do as a mentalist you will find a presentation here that works for you.

    Paul uses this is every type of environment from trade shows to weddings and corporate events and he has adapted the effect to become a bespoke piece of entertainment.

    He’s made it look like he has created this effect just for particular clients event…this is one of the reasons why he is one of the top paid mentalists in the UK.

    I was simply stunned by the amount of variations and presentations that Paul has created. This is a book packed with ideas and any one of them you could add directly into your close-up mentalism set today.

    If it’s not already apparent I’m a big fan of Paul’s work and if you want to earn money performing mentalism you must study Paul’s material, he knows!

    Get this book and you’ll understand so much more about what makes good, commercial, real world mentalism.

    It’s a great book.

    BTW: When you do get this book make sure you check out Paul’s ‘Hidden Persuaders’ for each presentation…audiences LOVE this type of stuff!

    Marc Paul


    If you’re looking for the next cutting edge method in mentalism, this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for something to fool your magic buddies, this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a strong, easy effect that will amaze and amuse a lay audience and give you hundreds if not thousands of routining possibilities, then this is just what you NEED.

    Madison Hagler


    Master mentalist Paul Brook does it again with It’s Your Choice! This powerful close-up mental effect is a real winner. Get this NOW!

    Ning Cai


    Many years ago I was shown a “card trick” move by Ian Rowland that appealed hugely. It was deliciously clever, and so simple it could never be described as a “sleight”. However, I don’t use playing cards and, although the move is deceptively simple and utterly hidden, I could not think of a way to incorporate it into an effect – boy, that was disappointing. I held onto it for years, and mulled it over on numerous occasions. I knew there must be some way of using it, but nothing came.

    However, Paul Brook has taken the hard work out of it.

    He has produced a superb multi-layered effect with “It’s Your Choice” that utilises exactly that clever little move. Applying his renowned creative thinking to it, he has created an effect that is not only brilliant in its own right, but can be applied and modified to exactly meet the requirements of the client.

    One move. A host of subtleties from which to choose. Only requires four blank cards… But add to this a few incorporated hidden persuaders and pseudo-psychological explanations – of which there is a plethora of examples – it leaves the participant with the realisation that their choice from four options was the only one their subconscious would allow them to make; something you knew before the process even began.

    Moreover, once the reader grasps the structure of these “hidden persuaders” it opens up hundreds of possibilities for the performer to modify the delivery to meet their performing style, whatever that might be.

    So, four blank cards, a marker (or two different coloured markers – nice touch) and this book. It’s going to keep you busy, and smiling, for a LONG TIME.

    Drew McAdam



    Paul has taken a clever yet simple idea most of us will have dismissed and created a solid worker piece.

    He gives you everything; clear instructions on the (very simple) moves followed by dozens of presentational hooks, plots, and ideas.

    All this combined really makes this a no brainier.

    If you’re a psychic entertainer, psychological magician, or bizarrist working close-up, walk around, trade shows, weddings, almost anywhere, this will be going into your repertoire.

    Alexander Marsh


    Paul kindly let me have a pre-release copy of ‘It’s Your Choice’ to look at. The effect is a refined version of a relatively simple (quite old school) piece, but Paul comes at it from every possible angle and explains the hows and whys of his routine in intricate detail. It’s good, it’s strong and intriguing and it has a very ‘real world’ vibe to it. There’s almost nothing to carry, it’s trivial to make up, and as soon as you’ve performed it you are immediately ready to go again.

    Allow me to zoom out a moment and use this text to talk about Brook himself slightly. Paul has been on my radar for a LONG time, and his signature used to be quite exotic psychological routines with methods that sometimes edged into a more experimental space. He certainly had a few effects which people were angry about the methods for -because they loved the effect but the method (whilst brilliant) was not something that would fit their regular performing style. It was stuff that, in the right moment, in the right place, would leave spectators floored, but I think for a lot of people that proviso may have been a little off-putting.

    Over the last ten years though, PB has pivoted his performing quite heavily into a very specific corporate space and it’s been interesting to watch how this has manifested in the material he’s developed – increasingly his methodologies are built to be bombproof, functional for a very broad range of commercial audiences and reading It’s Your Choice you can see how worked the material is. The method is well explained, very easy, and it works 100% of the time. It’s not circumstantial, dependent on finding the exact right situation or moment – you can walk up to anyone, any time, anywhere, and this trick will work, in a very self-contained high-impact way.

    Whats nice is that these more streamlined presentations actually still manifest the same character as the OG PB stuff, this psychological wunderkind exploiting weird and little-known aspects of human psychology to create miraculous moments, but in a more every-day doable way. And because the structural method is simple, that allows Paul to explore the presentational options, and a big chunk of this text is variations on the presentation, so even if the core effect doesn’t suit your style or persona, there will be something in here that does.

    So, overall, it’s a good solid routine that I think a lot of workers will be able to incorporate into their professional performance, especially in the corporate space. Plus, because it has a super flexible method, amateurs will also be able to have fun developing handlings and variations for their own unique styles.

    Phill Smith

    276 page ‘Limited Edition’ hardback book of only 200 copies

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