IOU PLUS By Cameron Francis

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    IOU PLUS By Cameron Francis
    A mini act in your pocket
    "That's awesome!" - Liam Montier

    "Beautiful routine!" - John Carey

    A mini act in your pocket, this is the perfect routine for strolling or table hopping. A TON of magic all wrapped up in a tight four minute presentation. All you need to know is a basic bill switch (Cameron teaches his favorite on the download), the rest of the routine is almost self working!​


    The magician borrows a twenty dollar bill from a spectator and asks the spectator to sign it. This done the magician claims he will make the bill disappear, with the caveat that if he can't make it reappear at the end of the trick, he will give the spectator an IOU. As he says this, the twenty dollar bill visually transforms into an IOU!

    The magician assures the spectator that he will get his bill back, but in the meantime, it's time for a card trick. The spectator selects a card, say the three of hearts. The magician attempts to find the card but fails. He claims that he knew the spectator would choose the three of hearts because the IOU isn't just an IOU, it's a prediction. When the magician turns the IOU sideways, it reads 3-O-H: Three of hearts!

    The magician then draws a couple of lines on the IOU to transform 3OH into the word BOX. The spectator then opens the card box and pulls out a folded bill. It's the spectator's signed twenty!

    This knock-out routine is super practical and takes up almost no pocket space. Add IOU PLUS to your magic arsenal today!
    IOU PLUS is a 24 minute video download

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