Invisible Classic Pass by Eftekhar Alam

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    Invisible Classic Pass by Eftekhar Alam
    Though the Classic Pass simply means cutting the deck secretly, lots of details need to be kept in mind to make this pass truly invisible. In this project, Eftekhar shows how to do the Classic Pass by explaining the logic behind all the details, e.g., hand grip, motion, flash avoidance, performance in front of a spectator, etc. He teaches you all of this in such a manner that even a beginner will find it easy to comprehend. These explanations will definitely take your Pass to the next level to make it invisible. Eftekhar believes, first you need to understand the whole concept and be taught to execute it properly in a convincing manner. Only then, with practice, can you perform it naturally in front of the audience.

    So download the video, grab your copy and wait no more. Happy learning!!