Inspired By Gregory Berman

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     Inspired By Gregory Berman

    First effect is called Zodiac Miracle, and without saying too much, the thinking behind this is great, even though it wont work in some countries, like mine for example, but I have taken away some of the thinking behind this principle and used it elsewhere. You apparently are able to divine info to a stranger without ever meeting them, in person. Very specific details from their life.

    Second effect, Turbo Three Way prediction uses old methods, with new thinking, that you will want to put into your repertoire.
    You divine some pieces of information from a stranger.

    An essay about the use of mentalism and cards, which is very good, since a lot of mentalists don’t use cards in their work, but Brehaut will give you the reasons why sometimes its a good idea to incorporate cards into your work.

    Pin Attack is next, and this is one of the ones I have used.
    The thinking behind this is great, and why didn’t I think of that, type of moment.

    You divine someones pin number without anything written down, or said……cant say much, but its not a bank pin, something else.

    Next is Lottery ACAAN, and Brehaut mixes an ACAAN with a lottery presentation using a well known gimmick that came out like 2 years ago from some wonderful creators,that I have been using extensively, plus a gimmick that you can make in a few minutes.

    Gimmick combined with ACAAN makes this effect very powerful.

    Covered is the next effect, and is best suited for closeup impromptu situations using some spare change.

    Thinking along the same lines is Exact Change, similar to Greg Wilsons, but yet very different, great thinking behind this.

    Fool Us was inspired by a performance of a magician that was on Fool Us, but Brehauts method is different than the one used on the show.
    uses a deck of cards, can be done anytime, anywhere.

    FATE uses similar method to Lottery ACAAN, and uses a different presentation.

    Brehaut goes over a presentation for SUPALOCK as well.

    INSPIRED is next, and for me was one of the highlights of the book, inspired by magician nate staniforth.
    I have also used this as well, and it kills!

    There is about 6 other effects similar to the ones described above, but I wont go on about them…..

    For me I think the book was worth it for Inspired, Pin Attack, Zodiac Miracle, Fool Us, and others.

    I am positive you will use at least 2 to 3 ideas from this book easily if not more.

    I finished your book. WOW! Lots of good stuff!
    Here are my honest thoughts.As with any book of effects & presentations, not everyone will like every effect. Just like a book of short stories.1) Zodiac Miracle – Love the ‘sneakiness’ of it. The zodiac revelation does seem like the most powerful part of the effect, but it doesn’t work for me (because of where I live). Still, the other parts of the effect do work! Terrific out-of-the-box thinking.
    2) Turbo 3-Way Prediction – I like this very much but I prefer Oserlind’s methodology from his Mystique book because you can number each prediction. I do like that Turbo is impromptu. I really like the use of the ****. to prove the outcome.
    3) Mentalism & Cards – Some good thoughts and insights about specs requesting to shuffle your deck.
    4) Pin Attack – I like the premise & setup but it is an effect that one may never get to do. It is a knockout punch to the spec’s brain if you get the chance to perform it.
    5) Lottery ACAAN – Another very good premise – I will have to try it. I like using these parameters with this.
    6) Covered – I like multiple outs effects & this sounds like a good one with its invisible outs. Every action makes sense & has a reason.
    7) Exact Change – This mirrors ‘Covered’. I like this slightly more because you get to reveal a handful of change.
    8) Fool Us – I’m currently into gambling effects & this one is a winner! With a very clever method.
    9) Fate – Same review as ‘Lottery ACAAN’.
    10) Presentation for Supalok – I neither have ‘Confessions of a Mind Reader’ or ‘Bigger Fish’ or a Supalok. I can still adapt this presentation to my lock routine.
    11) Inspired by Staniforth – Another reputation maker to perform in an unsuspecting situation.
    12) Poor Man’s Book Test – I like this because the magi doesn’t (actually) handle the books during the forcing segment – the spec unknowingly forces the word – that’s gold! It’s a tiny bit risky but I think it is a worker that will produce a miracle. Probably my favorite effect in the whole book! (And I’m not a ‘book test’ guy.)
    13) Cutter Scam – Thanks for this covert information.
    14) Trade Roles – I think I like this – I’m not sure. I like the premise (spec intuition) but not sure how deceptive it is. I will experiment.
    15) Vision – I have means to accomplish this deck principle & this is a very good routine. Speaking of deck principles, do you have ‘The Spiral Principle’ DVD? It’s also pretty clever.
    16) Devil’s Dream – This really got the wheels turning in my head, although there is a similar routine on an unsung excellent DVD (Miracles from the Sock Drawer). The effect lets the spec become the mind reader & it only uses one deck. Devil’s Dream adds another layer of deception.
    17) Long Distance Poker – I’m not a fan of this poker principle. I think it’s transparent but I will say, out of all the routines I’ve read that use this poker principle, this one is the most deceptive.
    18) Thought of Card Signed, Numbered & Delivered – Excellent multi-layered effect! I like throwing in the psychological force at the end as an option.


    Those that don’t buy this are missing out on some terrific thinking.


    PLEASE BE NOTE: This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included


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