In The Life With Doc Jon

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    In The Life With Doc Jon 
    School for Scoundrels Weekend with Doc Jon
    Join School for Scoundrels in an amazing weekend with a real card and dice cheat who went by the name of Doc Jon (John Deems, Born Oct 27, 1943, Died May 9, 2011).

    Doc lived an extraordinary life as a dealer, mechanic, cross-roader, and as a card and dice cheat for crime mobs in Las Vegas and Hawaii, as well as for the Yakuza in Japan.

    He sits and talks with us for nearly four hours on these videos, telling us his thrilling life story and talking about what it takes to be a successful cheat.

    This is not a video for those with sensitive ears. Doc Jon uses more expletives and insensitive language than Tony Soprano, and talks about mob activities, brothels and strip joints as well as his cheating skills and stories.

    He talks about being busted with a gang for drilling the slots on the floors of Las Vegas casinos, about betrayals and friendships in the world of professional gamblers, and about going to prison for running a juiced dice table in an illegal gambling house for the Milano Family in Los Angeles.

    It is fascinating to hear about this strange life from a man who has really been there, and who has spent time in prison and was nearly blown up by a car bomb as a result.

    Doc Jon talks about how you develop the moxie to move under fire, and the difference between being a great card handler and a true card cheat. This is the real deal, and the authenticity and authority of the story is apparent from the very beginning.

    He teaches how to handle a deck of cards in a way that won't make a pro grimace. He shows some never-before published cheating moves and advanced handlings and nuances on some of the classics. He explains chip stealing moves as well as card handling.

    He talks about what is actually useful and important and tips his method for marking and re-sealing a deck of cards for Blackjack. A great unpublished version of the Mexican Turnover is also shown.

    This is a fascinating and gripping story filled with humor and danger, and a remarkable "real world" feel. This is a rare glimpse into a life to which few ever get a peek.

    Doc's story explains how he moved from a young dealer for the house, just looking to learn how to protect his game, to a full-fledged card mechanic, crossroader and dice cheat.


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