Impromptu Secrets by Dominic Twose

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    This is what others have to say about 'Impromptu Secrets'...
    Peter Duffie...
    'If I were told about a new book featuring over 30 card effects, 11 moves, 8 non ;card items and 4 previously unpublished Dai Vernon items, I would be interested.
    However, when the author of the book is a former pupil of the late and great Fred Robinson, I would be more than merely curious; I would need to have it. And, I am glad that I do have it, because this is a book crammed with lovely ideas and wonderful thinking.
    I highly recommend this book.' 
    Jerry Sadowitz...
    'This book is not so much a breath of fresh air but a blast of nitrous oxide! There are some real gems of magic in here...strong and clear in effect, concise and subtle in ;method. This is magic that greatly satisfies magicians without ever sacrificing entertainment value for laymen. There is absolutely no "filler" material here and as you will discover, many of the tricks in these pages are individually worth the price of the entire book.
    There is also a short article about the Malini colour ;change which is the most riveting thing I have read in years, containing food for thought of which the magic community is normally starved. I hope he writes more like this in the future.
    As if that wasn't enough, there is a chapter of previously unpublished Dai Vernon material!
    Dominic Twose was a student and confidante of Fred Robinson and other underground ;legends such as Eric Mason and Gordon Bruce. Like all the best magicians I know, Dominic is also a Vernon disciple and a Roy Walton fan and it shows in this, his first major work. You'll love this book.'
    Stephen Minch...
    If the newest flashy gimcrack to impress your video camera is what you want, ignore Impromptu Secrets. All you'll get here is strong, performance-tested magic for live audiences, featuring some very smart ideas and solid thinking from Dominic Twose. Dominic's may not me a household name in your neighborhood, but he's a magician who's been around the block a few times with the best of them.
    Gordon Bruce...
    I have known Dominic for more years than I care to remember and spent many pleasant hours with him in the Marlborough Arms near the Magic Circle usually in the company of Fred Robinson and Eric Mason; also Bob Read and occasionally Alex Elmsley. Like myself Dominic tends to specialise in cards, and many times I have seen him entertain layman impromptu with great results.
    Undoubtedly you will find much of value in this his latest book.

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