Igor Ledochowski Path To Mastery

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    Dear Reader,
    What if there were a 4-step process to hypnosis MASTERY that -- if followed -- would guarantee you'd be doing hypnosis at a rarefied level even most current expert hypnotists will never reach?
    And what if you could begin following that 4-step process to hypnosis MASTERY starting TODAY? Well...
    Listen In On A Private 1-to-1 Training
    & You Really Can Get Started On The
    Surest & Most Direct Path To Hypnosis
    Mastery Starting TODAY!
    Heres the promise: When you listen to this training, you'll get to eavesdrop in on an insightful and illuminating high-level conversation I had with one of my best students, Steve, who is now a top hypnotist.
    Steve wanted me to explain to him how he could make the developmental jump from expert level to the elusive MASTERY LEVEL at hypnosis. More specifically, you'll hear my answer to Steves question in point-by-point simplicity.
    And by getting this training you'll hear me reveal...
    The difference between an expert hypnotist and a MASTER hypnotist
    The 4 keys to mastery (anyone who understands and applies these in the manner in which I describe will achieve mastery, guaranteed!)
    What really went on in Erickson's legendary "Garage Workshops" that produced a string of master level hypnotists hypnotists who quite literally transformed the face of hypnosis -- including: Paul Watzlawick, John Weakland, Ernest Rossi, Stephen Gilligan, Jeffrey Zeig and Sidney Rosen
    The curious "talent secret" of the Curacao -- and what it means to you on your path to hypnosis mastery
    My 5-step "filtering process" that ensures you are always making great strides in your mastery of hypnosis
    How to "own" your hypnosis knowledge in such a way that it becomes...
    Immediately Usable
    The ONE THING you can do today that will automatically develop your hypnosis skills far and beyond what they are to date (even if you never study another hypnosis technique in your life!)
    The "virtuous circle of mastery" that, when combined with my 5-step "filtering process", will snowball and accelerate -- your progress to hypnosis mastery
    What neuroscientists and video game designers know about getting you into the OPTIMAL learning zone
    Why practising new hypnosis skills is NOT enough -- you must get the sequence of practice right. What's the ultimate sequence of practice? Listen to the training now and you'll find out!
    How the myelin sheath factors into your journey to hypnosis mastery
    The "lust trap" that most aspiring hypnotists fall into and get stuck at -- and how you can recognise it and AVOID it
    The astonishing secret of the 6-minute Virtuoso girl -- she was able to practice a months worth of music tuition in just 6 minutes. You can condense your practice time with hypnosis too, once you know the secret of the Virtuoso girl!
    Why most people who practice more don't improve much at all and... in some cases... actually get WORSE! (Are you making this common energy-draining mistake when practising new hypnosis skills? Listen to this training now and find out!)
    Plus -- as you listen to this training-- you'll also soak up a LOT more insightful paradigm-shifting information that will GUARANTEE YOURE RAPIDLY MOVING ALONG THE FASTEST & MOST DIRECT PATH TO HYPNOSIS MASTERY.
    You don't have to already be at expert level like Steve is (who you'll hear me talking to), either.
    In fact, whatever level youre at (even if youre at beginner level) just listen to the Training and youll get all the secrets and processes you need to quickly, efficiently and predictably advance yourself all the way to the MASTERY level at doing hypnosis.
    All It Takes Is To Get This Training Now,
    And Youre On Your Way!

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