Henry Harrius - Balloon Oracle by HJ

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    Henry Harrius - Balloon Oracle by HJ


    Welcome to the ingenious PREDICTION SYSTEM: BALLOON ORACLE by HJ (2022 FISM Award Winner), the mentalism act with built-In audience engagement, humor and sheer wonder.


    First, engage everyone in the room by playing a super fun & interactive game: musical hot potato. By throwing the balloon to the audience, spectators are chosen randomly when the music stops.

    Each spectator is invited to make a FREE CHOICE. It can be a randomly generated playing card, star signs, names, anything you wish to predict (even confabulation routine).

    The last audience member holding the balloon is invited to come out and join you on stage. Ask them to shake the balloon, revealing there is something inside all along!

    You then explain some audience may afraid of balloon popping. Instead, you take out a magic wand and say you are going to vanish the balloon in the most magical way. You remove the cap, turns out it is sharp inside and you pop the balloon. This makes a great laugh.

    They then pick up the piece of paper inside, perfectly predicting what the audiences just choose.

    Henry Harrius Presents has teamed up with OCHIU (creator of JCD & SBD and other crazy mechanical holders) to bring you the most ingenious design ever. Balloon Oracle is the perfect and highly entertaining routine for all magicians and mentalists.

    Key points:
    - Index Included (52 slots)
    - Extremely Fast Loading
    - One Man Operation/ With An Assistant
    - Fully Customizable (Playing Cards, Billets, Confabulations, Lottery Tickets...etc)
    - Highly Interactive
    - Built-in Jokes
    - Pack Small Plays Big

    - Precisely-Made Gimmick (Wand & Holder)
    - Index (52 Slots)
    - 1 Pack of Balloons (20 pieces)
    - Detailed Explanation

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