Hand-picked Astonishments (Invisible Deck) by Paul Harris and Jo

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    Hand-picked Astonishments (Invisible Deck) by Paul Harris and Joshua Jay

    A Paul Harris Presents series of new twists on classic must-have magic secrets like the Invisible Deck, Thumb Tips, Card Forces and more!

    All hand-picked by Paul Harris, Tim Trono, and Joshua Jay. Expert coaching by Joshua Jay to help your first performance experience be comfortable, solid, safe and astonishing.

    This is not an encyclopedic "every variation under the sun" collection. Out of the hundreds of routines and ideas we have hand-picked a small select handful of only the very coolest, most powerful, performer-friendly personal favorites from magic's top creators.

    Hand-Picked Easy For The First Time Beginner
    Hand-Picked Power For The Experienced Pro

    With this third volume of Hand-picked, learn how to use the Invisible Deck to its full potential.

    Invisible Deck Introduction
    Cell Phone Presentation
    How it works
    Jay Sankey's X
    Beyond Invisible
    Invisible Deep 3
    Pit Boss
    Out of Sight
    Cell Phone Presentation

    Running Time Approximately: 61min

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