Guess Card by Esya G

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    Esya G magic present is proud to introduce Guess Card...

    Guess cards are punched cards with the shape "?" (question mark) that can change to the form of a card of the spectator's choice!

    The magician shows a punched card with the shape "?" (question mark) then put it in the wallet and the wallet was also held by the spectator.

    Ask the spectator to choose a card and memorize it (for example 5 Diamond's).

    "Snap!" The magician snapped his fingers, and the card that was in the wallet had changed to the form of the card of the spectator's choice, which is 5 Diamond's!

    No magnet
    No special wallet
    Can be borrowed wallet
    Easy to do
    Fully examinable
    With detailed instructions 9 mins, download and learn now!

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