Graham Hey - Mental Movies

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    From a paper bag, you remove a ball of paper which is then thrown over your shoulder into the audience. The person who catches it is going to assist you. You show them a selection of movies written on to the faces of playing cards. These are turned face down and the spectator mixes them behind their back. You say you're going to try and use your manipulation skills and make them select a certain movie. After they have mixed the cards, you invite them to take the top card. It's 'Jurassic Park'. You then instruct them to open the ball of paper used to freely select them - it's a poster for Jurassic Park. Wow! It gets even better - inside the bag is a DVD of one movie - it's Jurassic Park.

    You don't touch the cards, there's no switching - it's self-working and gets a fantastic reaction. You don't even need to go out and buy any props - you'll have everything at home. Full routine with original comedy lines included, you can't go wrong with this great piece of entertainment. You can change the outcome easily by making different sets which will only take 5 minutes each time. Get this now for the cost of a couple of coffees at Starbucks.

    Graham performed this effect before a live Premiership soccer game in the UK in front of over 30,000 people. (Manchester City v Newcastle Utd)

    "This is soooo easy, so commercial - and has some great comedy lines to make this a sure-fire winner for close-up or stand-up!" - Mike McClean

    1st edition 2022, PDF 7 pages.
    word count: 7972 which is equivalent to 31 standard pages of text

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