Genii Magazine - February 2011

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    Magic at Your Fingertips - Milbourne Christopher and Hen Fetsch
    The JINX Magic Acts - Ted Annemann
    Conjuring with Christopher - Milbourne Christopher
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    Genii Magazine - February 2011



    Decoding Thurston by Jim Steinmeyer
    Excerpt from The Last Greatest Magician In the World
    Stylometry and the Search for S.W. Erdnase by Richard Wiseman and David Holmes
    Tenyo 2011 by Richard Kaufman


    Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
    Now Performing
    On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
    In Memoriam
    Bob Elliott by David Oliver
    Ron Wilson by Paul Wilson
    David Alexander by Tom Baxter
    Fast and Loose You Go Yaweh, and I’ll Go Maui by Harry Anderson
    Magicana by David Acer
    No Assembly Required by David Neighbors
    Erdnase2 by Richard Hucko
    See It Slant by Robert E. Neale
    Movin’ On Up Redux by Ryan Pilling and David Acer
    Mind Stunts: Drawing a Blank by Patrik Kuffs
    Conjuring The Three Book Experiment by Jim Steinmeyer
    Lost Horizons Con-Test by Max Maven
    Cardopolis The Trick That Cannot Be Explained by David Britland
    The Chamber of Secrets The French Money Maker by John Gaughan
    XCM: The Art of Extreme Card Manipulation by De’vo Vom Schattenreich
    Hot Dogging It With Relish by Jerry Cestkowski
    The Cross Cut by SeVyrn
    Light from the Lamp

    Tricks Reviewed by David Regal

    Double Back by Jon Allen
    Flexion by Jon Allen
    Psypher by Robert Smith
    Impossible Envelope by Paul Stockman
    Fasten by J.P. Vallarino
    Signed Card Thru Window by J.P. Vallarino
    Nothing in Transit by Dave Forrest
    Sub Zero by Spidey & Amir Latif
    Flight Case by Peter Eggink
    Kyoto Deck by Yuji Murakami
    Gion Deck by Yuji Murakami
    Phantasm by Jamie Daws
    The Key by Andrew Mayne
    Trick Photography by Steve Gore
    Biokinesis by Berk Eratay
    Kartis Visible Bill Change by Kartis

    Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner

    Opening Minds by Colin McLeod
    Magic at the Bar and Chris Randall Live at the Magic Castle by Chris Randall
    Animate Me by Losander
    World XCM Champions, Vol. 1(2-DVD set) by Max Vlassenko, J.S. Lin, Jerry Cestkowski

    Books Reviewed by David Britland

    Classic Correspondence from Egyptian Hall Museum by Mike Caveney
    Subsequent Impuzzibilities by Jim Steinmeyer
    Above the Fold by Rich Aviles
    Magic Shows by Ian Keable
    Destroyers by Troy Hooser and Joshua Jay
    Moments by Troy Hooser and Joshua Jay


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