Geni - Booker

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    Geni  - Booker



    The magician will be predict the word in random line of a random page in the book. The magician show the envelope prediction. The deck will be take out, shuffle & the magician take out 12 cards. The magician split 12 cards into 2 piles, spectator choose one pile and turn over the top card. They do 2 more turn the same. After 3 turns chosen, there are 3 face up cards, the total of the value of 3 cards will be the LINE in the book, and spectator flip all these 12 cards, and the total of all the face up cards now is the PAGE. Now the magician ask spectator open the book, read outloud the first 6 words and it matched with the prediction

    + All the decision by spectator 100%
    + No sleight of hand

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