From Old to New by Dominique Duvivier 4set

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    volume 1:

    Dominique Duvivier is a leading magician and creator who has decided to release some of his routines. This DVD features: Piece Signee, Poker/Bridge, Main du Mage, Running Gag, Double Mental, Suivez le Chef, Billet de $1 and Flying Card Visions 1-5. Bonus sections include an interview with Alexandra and Dominique Duvivier and additional routines.

    volume 2:
    Lapping 2 for 2, 2 Miscellaneous Cards= Kings, Cups & Balls, 3 Gold 3 Silver, 4th Dimension, All Back New Wave, Double Cornelius, Hal-Deuce-ination, Faster Than His Shadow, Cards To Pocket, Serial Changes, Ace Assembly 1 & 2 and more.

    volume 3:
    A Different Production Nasty, Progressive Assembly Even Nastier, Progressive Assembly Double Cut Finale, The 3, Temperature Indicator Pancrazi's, 4 Aces As White As Snow Photomaton, 21 Cards Trick, Coins Into The Glass, Coin Box, 2 Jacks = 4 Aces, Ghost Card New Glimpse, Lupin's Sleight, "THE" Sandwich, Double Glimpse and more.

    volume 4:
    My Routine of The Banknote in The Pocket, Turnover Aces Production, The Spelled Thought of Card, Second Chosen Card, Marie-Christine, 2 French Francs Coin, 4 Red + 4 Black, The Fastest Sleight In The World (Sophisticated Version), The Card In The Pocket, 4 Aces On


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