Fringe by Max Lukian and Giacomo Bigliardi

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    “Fringe” is a massive project showcasing how one o'f the most criminally overlooked gimmicks in card magic can be used to make some of your favorite card tricks cleaner and more fooling than ever!

    Available exclusively at Vanishing Inc., this joint project is brought to you by Max Lukian (who burst onto the scene with his best-selling download Toaster) and remarkably creative Italian magician Giacomo Bigliardi. Join them on a deep exploration of how you can perform powerful and visual new variations of classic card tricks with a simple gimmick that can be made in less than one minute with just scissors and glue. No splitting cards. A child could do it.

    This extraordinary download features 10 complete routines, including a hyper-visual Open Travellers where 4 cards (and only 4 cards) instantly travel between your hands and an impossible transposition where a signed selection appears in your spectator’s hands. Combined with multiple Biddle Trick variations that feature a visual disappearance of the selected card, as well as additional work on the Mystery Card, Cannibal Cards, Sandwich Routines, Cards Across and much more. “Fringe” is unbeatable value.

    Even if you think you might be familiar with this gimmick, you will still greatly enjoy the variety of original, thoughts and handlings packed into this impressive 3-hour download. Particularly, the clever methods for invisibly switching the gaff in and out.

    Once you see how incredibly easy it is to make the “Fringe” gimmick and the immense potential it holds, you’ll be kicking yourself for not discovering it sooner. So, don’t wait any longer! Download “Fringe” today

    Running time: 3 hours 35 minutes

    “Fringe is one of the rare few things that gets me excited while watching magic these days, but it’s also one of the rare few things that is actually practical and easy to do! All the thought that went into this is just astounding!”
    Avi Yap

    “Great to see this underused principal brought to life in such a creative way”
    Christian Grace

    "One method, two experts and countless ideas. Learn how to breathe new life into an old secret. This comprehensive guide shares the revival of a prestigious method, with deadly and versatile consequences. Simply the best collaboration I’ve seen."
    Ollie Mealing

    “I’ve seen the work, the depth and the creativity that went into this project... and I am so very, very impressed. To take an almost forgettable concept and not only make it impactful, but stunning, speaks to the dedication these two have for their craft.”
    Jeremy Griffith (@lost_angelus)

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