Fraser Parker Zarathustra

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    Fraser Parker Zarathustra


    In Zarathustra Fraser shares a few pieces from his notebooks. This is work Fraser has created over the past eight months. Following on from his decision to break down the larger book he was working on into smaller releases, he has decided to now share these ideas with you. This work compliments his other released work perfectly and will give you yet more options and different ways into creating feats of seeming real mind reading for your audiences.

    To begin, you will learn how to force a single digit number entirely prop-less, in a conversational manner that looks completely fair and only takes a few seconds.

    Then you will learn an incredibly deceptive single phase for a which hand presentation. This relies on language to make it work and is practically self-working providing the spectator listens to your instructions. This uses a beautiful logical disconnect that hides the method perfectly. When Fraser performed this to Christian Grace he was completely fooled and missed why it works, even though it is based on something he is already familiar with.

    "I couldn't backtrack this! Very cool Fraser." - Christian Grace

    And finally, you will learn an incredibly streamlined star sign guess that allows you to secretly obtain a spectator's sign without anyone being aware you have done so. Meaning you can reveal their sign later on in your set, if you so desire.This is done under the guise of using Numerology to work out your spectator's Life Number. It only requires a very basic amount of addition which is easy for your spectator to process and follow along with. The good news is you don't have to give a reading based on the Life Number your spectator tells you, unless you want to. Instead, you can go straight into the reveal of their star sign or save this information for later on in your set, if you so wish.

    Fraser feels this is the fastest star sign guess he has ever created. It only takes around twenty seconds for you to get down to two possible star signs and involves very minimal process.

    1st edition 2023, PDF 26 pages.
    word count: 6847 which is equivalent to 27 standard pages of text

    Fraser Parker Zarathustra
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