Foreseen by Joel Dickinson (Instant Download)

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    Foreseen by Joel Dickinson (Instant Download)

     They do exactly what you predicted each and every time. The prediction stays in their pocket the whole time!

    "I recommend this to anybody looking for a 100% sure fire routine. Clever, easy and practical. I can’t wait to work it in the act." -Kieron Johnson

    "Joel has really moved forward the 'which hand' plot. This is a very elegant solution, with some clever thinking and efficient routining." -Marc Paul

    "Joel, this is genius! There were a few times while learning the routine when a big smile appeared on my face. This is a brilliant routine and finally a 'which hand' type routine that I want to perform! No logic puzzles or gimmicks, just very clever construction of a routine that is not only easy, but practically impromptu!" -Iain Moran.

    "Very easy to do this practically impromptu. This does what it says on the tin and requires no effort beyond that of presentation. This is a very nice twist on the which hand plot." -Mark Chandau.

    Five times you ask "Which hand is it in?" and five times your spectator makes a FREE CHOICE, and yet they choose exactly which hand you predicted EACH TIME IN ORDER. And the craziest part? The prediction stays IN THEIR POCKET THE WHOLE TIME AND DOES NOT GET SWITCHED.

    Foreseen by Joel Dickinson is a revolution in which hand methodology. Not only does it turn the plot on it's head, it also makes you participant the star!

    All this while being incredibly easy to do, so that you can focus fully on providing your audiences with the performance of a life time!

    Foreseen can be performed in any environment and you can perform as many (or as few) rounds of the game as you like - Regardless, your participant's choices will ALWAYS match your prediction!

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