Finker by Jey Lillo

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    Finker by Jey Lillo (original MP4 download)
    "The coronavirus has brought significant changes in our lives and we have had to adapt to those changes, inevitably we have reduced close contact with people and increased remote activities, work, school, friends and even magic. Before we surprised people in person with our magic. It is more difficult now to do it through a webcam or a mobile phone so I said to myself: what if I invent something capable of anticipating people's moves? Understanding what they think before they do it. I grew up on the streets of Naples and out here you learn to always be one step ahead. If you are not the smartest you do not survive so my effect Finker is born from this place".

    Ask a spectator to show his hand and then to choose a finger, when he has freely chosen a finger, you show that on your hand (which has been held in plain view the entire time) that there is a black x that indicates precisely the finger that the spectator has chosen.



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