Fantastic Five

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    All of the effects are easy to do . . . are varied in effect. None of them requires elaborate properties.

    Effect No. 1. Invisible Dice. A clever novelty. A prediction with a box of matches and invisible dice. No matter what number a spectator "throws," you show your prediction to be correct. A trick that will become one of your favorite pocket tricks.

    Effect No. 2. Fire! A gag - but an unusual one you can use in many ways. Any time you need a light, i.e. in the Dove Pan routine, Burnt and Restored note, etc., you say you will show the Magician's way of producing fire. You pick up a sheet of ordinary writing paper and with a crayon write the word "FIRE" on it in big letters. Saying that the audience is probably disappointed and expected the real thing, the paper is folded and immediately catches fire. It should be noted that no chemicals are used and the hands are at all times empty.

    Effect No. 3. Supreme Lock and Keys. Versions of this effect, the classic "Seven Keys to Baldpate" have sold for very large sums. It will cost you only shillings to buy the necessary locks and keys for this method, which tops them all for simplicity and effect. It is showy, simple, foolproof and can become a feature in any show.

    Effect No. 4. Silk Prediction Supreme. You make a prediction. A colored silk is freely chosen from amongst several and your prediction is read and found correct. An interesting trick complete with full patter presentation. Like all the tricks in this series this one is easy to perform.

    Effect No. 5. Indian Hunter. A comedy trick for the Children's Entertainer or those who like to get a boy up helping them in the show. Cleverly thought out and very, very funny. We are not going to give away the "plot" here. Sufficient to say that the effect concerns the misadventures of an Indian Hunter's Hat and is a big laugh! All of the apparatus is obtainable anywhere, in any store or you have it lying around your home.

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