EYEPOPPER by Johannes Mengel

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    EYEPOPPER by Johannes Mengel
    A stomach-turning production of a coin, squirting out of your eye. And no, you don't need to store a coin behind your eyeball.
    A magic trick, people genuinely believe is REAL, is rare.
    A magic trick, that has such a strong IMPACT, is rare.
    A magic trick, where you do so little, but achieve BOTH, is even more rare.
    This is the value you get with EYEPOPPER.

    QUICK. BELIEVABLE. ASTONISHMENT. always at your hand!

    No gimmicks.
    Completely impromptu.
    Easy to do.
    Long and short routine.
    50 min detailed tutorial.
    Unlimited email and video call support from Johannes personally!

    It IS a magic trick, so it should be needless to say it, but you wouldn’t be the first magician thinking or asking this, so here’s the answer:
NO, the coin is not in your eye and yes, it’s totally safe to perform.


    I’ve just finished watching Johannes’ Eyepopper and my mind is blown - this is one of my new favourite impromptu effects!

    The method is a killer and the detail Johannes offers in the download is second to none.

    I laughed out loud when I learned the secret and I can’t wait to see people’s eyes pop out of their head as they witness me popping coins out of mine!

    Between Johannes' Breaking Point and his brilliant new effect, I now have a powerful, realistic and shocking close up set I can do at a moment’s notice with nothing on me but a single coin. I highly recommend this release!

    Dee Christopher (Star of BBC’s Killer Magic)

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