ESP ERROR by Ray Gordon

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    The mentalist hands out a prediction for things to come. Then a spectator mixes five envelopes, each envelope containing one of the five ESP cards. he places them next to each other on the table. He has full control over the order. Five more envelopes with ESP cards are shuffled and placed on the table, each on top of one of the other envelopes. The spectator has a free choice, where to place the envelops and he can change the order again if he wants to. At the end there are five paired envelopes on the table. After opening the envelops it turns out that three out of five symbols match. So, without knowing it, the spectator has generated three correct mates. It could be that e.g. the cross, wavy line and star symbols do match and only the square and circle signs are mismatched. The mentalists explains that nevertheless this is a 60% hit rate and still better then every so-called clairvoyance, but at least a little bit of the result was also the work of the mentalist. The prediction which was held by the spectator the whole time, is opened and read out loud:

    You will perform above average on arranging the symbols.
    But if I succeeded in influencing your thoughts, you will mix up circle and square.

    Now the amazed audience should react with the welldeserved applause.

    A very flexible routine that can be performed close up or on stage. The performance is very easy, no moves, nothing is switched. The set-up is very easy and takes only two minutes. No gimmick cards or prepared envelopes and no multiple outs, the prediction remains in the hands of the spectators all the time. A self working trick for which you only need the prediction, ten envelopes and two sets of cards with the five ESP symbols. The wrong pairs can vary at each performance. Nothing to replace, everything can be reused. You can use more or fewer envelopes, you can use photos, business cards, drawings or even playing cards instead of ESP cards. If you want, the audience can examine everything after the performance since nothing is prepared. Included in the manuscript is the routine with the ESP cards and a charming comedy routine with business cards.

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