Ernie Heldman - Cards That Mean Business

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    Ernie Heldman - Cards That Mean Business


    Comments: illustrated with diagrams and some black and white photos. How to hand out your business cards magically.

    Contents (From 1981 edition book, descriptions added June 2022):

    3 Introduction (Jon Racherbaumer)
    4 Foreword (Ernie Heldman)
    5 From the Printer’s Angle: having your business cards printed with magic in mind

    8 Magical Printing
    8 Solo Card: showing both sides blank and then printed
    9 Wild Card: idea to use a Wild Card routine with business card, workings not detailed
    9 Prints Charming: six blanks shown then four become printed

    10 Color Changes
    10 On-Again Off-Again Cards (Larry Austin): four blank business cards become printed on both sides
    11 Jaks’ Blacks: based on Dr. Jaks The Four Blacks, chosen card becomes printed
    12 – New 1-4 Out: if different cards are chosen
    13 A Flash: idea for a flashy printing
    13 – Tip: a tip on writing notes on your cards

    13 Just A Note: a comedy business card
    13 Up and At ‘ Em: a rising business card
    15 A Pocket Version: based on a Don Lawton idea, card rises from breast pocket
    16 S.P.E.H.: The Society for the Preservation of Ernie Heldman, card personalization idea
    18 A Gift: gag gift idea
    18 Oil and Water: idea from Leo Behnke for business cards
    19 What’s In A Name? (Gerald Kosky): two card transposition
    20 Two Plus Eleven Minus One: clever math gag, they’ll keep your card
    20 Mathormental: mathematical stunt
    21 Concerning “Pseudo-Psychometry”: bare bones ideas for use with business cards
    22 Living or Dead: ideas on the theme
    23 Crosscut: further ideas on the concept
    24 Here’s My Card: the Out-to-Lunch principle applied
    26 Photographs of Ernie Heldman in Action
    29 Card Tricks, One Flood of Ideas: ideas for adapting card tricks to business cards

    30 Nail Writers: tips on use
    31 Pocket Money: coin prediction
    31 The Nail Writer Meets “Glorpy”: Glorpy writes on the business card
    32 The Nail Writer Meets “Mental Epic”: where the third selection does not need to be a force
    33 Winding Up the Nail Writer: more thoughts and ideas
    33 Giant Memory
    34 Bowyer Expanded (Tom Bowyer): Turn me over cards
    34 A Bowyer Variation: with just two cards

    35 Magic Squares: tips on using
    35 One Hundred Seventeen and Up: mental effect
    36 Knight’s Tour: with a 5×5 matrix
    38 Another Sixty-Five
    39 Sweet Sixteen: 4×4
    40 Bombshell Number One
    41 Bombshell Number Two

    42 Memory By the Numbers: on memory in general, and assigning a 10 digit number to anyone that you will remember
    48 Mister Computer: a use for the system

    48 Some Tips (Ernie Heldman)
    50 Some Final Words (Ernie Heldman)
    50 Afterword (Lee Jacobs)


    Ernie Heldman Cards That Mean Business