E-Mentalism Super Psychic Pack by Jose Prager

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    Products included:

    3 Secrets by Chris Rawlins $29.99

    21st Century Shaman by Lewis Le Val $14.95

    Adivina by Jose Prager, Lewis Le Val and Drew Backenstoss $9.99

    Ahead by Jose Prager, Peter Turner and Luke Jermay $19.95

    Ancient Scroll by Lewis Le Val $9.99

    AOK by Lewis Le Val $29.99

    APFYT by Peter Turner $19.99

    Archetype by Lewis Le Val $19.99

    Billet Jazz by Jose Prager $39.95

    Block by Dee Christopher $9.95

    Book of Mirrors by Lewis Le Val $39.99

    Carny Cartomancy by Lewis Le Val $19.99

    Confabulation of confabulations by Peter Turner $19.99

    Creative Picks by Chris Rawlins $19.99

    Deepest, Darkest by Dee Christopher $14.99

    Des Fleurs by Lewis Le Val $9.99

    Diary of a traveling man by Lewis Le Val $39.99

    Distractions by Luke Jermay $20

    Drop Card by Chris Rawlins $9.99

    Duplica by Jose Prager $9.99

    Duplo by Jose Prager $9.99

    D’Vice by Dee Christopher $3.99

    Ethos by Lewis Le Val $29.95

    Faith Healer by Luke Jermay $50

    Finders keepers by Lewis Le Val $9.95

    Fraser Parker – Mariaj 19.99

    Fraser Parker Episodes 1, 2 and 3 $9.95

    From the Notebooks vol. 1 by Luke Jermay $29.99

    From the shadows Vol. 1 by Dee Christopher $4.95

    From the Shadows Vol. 2 by Dee Christopher $4.95

    Guess Who by Peter Turner $9.99

    I create as I speak 2 by Lewis Le Val $39.99

    I fall to pieces by Fraser Parker $9.99

    In my pocket by Jose Prager $9.99

    IQPA by Jose Prager $9.99

    Jermay’s Tarot Alphabet $15

    Jermay’s Tarot Alphabet $15

    Lockdown lectures chapter 1 by Lewis Le Val $14.95

    Luke Jermay: Somethings (Bowl of wisdom) $9.95

    Luke Jermay: Somethings part 1 $29.95

    Luke Jermay: Somethings part 2 $19.95

    Luke Jermay: Somethings part 3 $19.95

    Memoria 2 by Fraser Parker $19.99

    Mental Waltz by Lewis Le Val $9.95

    Mentalism fundamentals by Fraser Parker $9.95

    Name and Sign by Jose Prager $9.99

    Omni Mental Coins by Fraser Parker $9.99

    Opia by Lewis Le Val $39.99

    Oracle by Ross Tayler $9.99

    Peeky Blinder by Lewis Le Val $9.95

    Peter Turner’s weekly ramble episode 1 $14.99

    Peter Turner’s weekly ramble episode 2 $9.95

    PFBP by Jose Prager $9.95

    Phishing by Drew Backenstoss $9.99

    Power Games by Luke Jermay $9.95

    Praecantrix by Lewis Le Val $29.99

    Prometheus by Mitchell Kettlewell $9.99

    Prop-less drawing duplication by Fraser Parker $9.99

    Pythia by Lewis Le Val $39.99

    Real Time by Peter Turner $29.99

    Ritual by Lewis Le Val $29.99

    Roulette by Chris Rawlins $9.99

    Scorpion System by Lewis Le Val $19.95

    Secret Assistant by Luke Jermay $4.99

    Separation Anxiety by Watkins $9.99

    Sign by Lewis Le Val $19.99

    Thanatos by Watkins $15

    The book of passwords by Jose Prager $8

    The Book of the Fallen by Peter Turner $9.99

    The Classified Drawing Duplication by Chris Rawlins $85

    The district system by Dee Christopher $9.99

    The Fall by Lewis Le Val $14.95

    The Fool Who Persists in Folly by Fraser Parker $9.99

    The Hangman Effect by Peter Turner $9.99

    The Influencer by Lewis Le Val $29.99

    The Man Who Knows by Jose Prager $79.99

    The reader’s envelope by Lewis Le Val $9.95

    The Scanner by Jose Prager $9.99

    The Story Deck by Luke Jermay $12

    The Whisper tapes Vol. 1: The Intuition Effect $9.95

    The Whisper tapes Vol. 2: The Thought Seer $9.95

    The Whisper tapes Vol. 3: Pocket Psychic $9.95

    The Whisper tapes Vol. 4: Aura $9.95

    The Whisper tapes Vol. 5: The Dreamer $9.95

    The Whisper tapes Vol. 6: Blind Choice $9.95

    The Whisper tapes Vol. 7: Pack of wolves $9.95

    The Whisper tapes Vol. 8: Psych Forces 01 $9.95

    The Whisper tapes Vol. 9: The New ESP $9.95

    The Whisper tapes Vol. 10: Expert Witness $9.95

    The Whisper tapes Vol. 11: Third Eye $9.95

    The Whisper tapes Vol. 12: Starlight $9.95

    Thought Theatre by Lewis Le Val $29.99

    TVSD by Jose Prager $9.95

    Two Person Telepathy by Peter Turner $9.99

    Yoke by Fraser Parker $25


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