E=MC² by Nemo Liu

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    Change a bill into ANYTHING... at the speed of light.

    Nemo & Hanson Chien are known for stunning visuals and high quality gimmicks.

    After dominating the industry earlier this year with T-1000 (launched in partnership with Ellusionist) it's clear, they are unstoppable.

    E=MC² is their latest release. The ultimate bill transfiguration gimmick that can be used for:

    E=MC² is the mass-energy equivalence by Albert Einstein. The most famous equation on planet earth.

    Put simply it states that anything having mass has an equivalent amount of energy and vice versa.

    But Nemo is using this 'hook' that everyone is familiar with to transfigure (or change) bills into their equal value in coins/candy/you name it.

    The change is open, motivated and INSTANT.

    Inside the package, your durable, water resistant PTEX gimmick does 100% of the work for you and the 'change' distracts your audience from ANY potential method.

    Their eyes simply can't follow it fast enough.

    The end result is a phenomenal visual that looks like TV camera tricks, but isn't.
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