Elimination Experiment (Online Instructions) by Kyle Purnell

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    Elimination Experiment (Online Instructions) by Kyle Purnell

    no props included , just instructions only

    Mentalism and Magic all in one mesmerizing effect!

    Kyle Purnell presents a powerful workhorse routine straight from his professional strolling repertoire. The magician presents the 5 standard ESP symbols and instructs the spectator to choose ONE and only ONE symbol to eliminate. After the named symbol is removed from the packet, the rest of the cards are immediately turned over to reveal an unexplainable and unforgettable prediction.

    When the cards are turned back over, they are all revealed to be completely blank!

    This strong piece of mentalism and magic uses no equivoque, no traditional multiple outs, no table, and absolutely no forces! It is super direct and multi-phased, making it an ideal opener for a mentalism set.

    Kyle then teaches his Calculator Cards routine, which is straight out of his formal close-up show.

    "Kyle's tricks always take me on a journey I've never been on before. He has a real knack for inventing unique plots in magic. This trick is a shining example of that."
    - Caleb Wiles

    "I met Kyle at a convention and I don't get fooled much unless it's in the lobby at 3 am. Kyle fooled me over and over with his magic and it was 4 in the afternoon. Get this trick."
    - Mark Calabrese

    "Damnit Kyle! I normally hate ESP plots, but you came up with a version that I would actually do. Now if you excuse me I'm going to practice while watching the ESP scene from Ghostbusters."
    - Josh Janousky

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