Edward Victor - My Rope Trick

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    Edward Victor - My Rope Trick


    This came from an old magician’s estate. It was still in the original unopened package. Comes with rope and the original 16 page illustrated instructional booklet which gives step by step directions. The instructions are slightly toned from age but are still very readable.

    Effect: A length of soft cord is shown in the left hand. Explaining that you propose cutting the cord into two equal pieces the center portion is also taken in the left fingers and the cord cut at this point with a pair of scissors. The two pieces however are seen to be of unequal length.

    Placing the lower ends into the left hand and remarking to the audience, “Do you mind if I start all over again as it is really most important that the cord should be cut into two
    exactly equal pieces?” The cord is pulled out and shown completely restored!

    It is again cut as before with the same result – two unequal pieces – and once more  restored!

    You then say that perhaps the best way to find the center will be to tie the ends together forming a loop and to cut the cord at the point opposite the knot. This is done and the two tied pieces are gathered up into the left hand.

    On being pulled out again the cord is once more whole and is immediately offered to the audience for inspection.


    Edward Victor My Rope Trick

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