Ed Brown, Harry Riser - Feints and Temps of Harry Riser

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    Written by Adam Fleischer, Stephen Minch
    Work of Various
    135 pages (Hardcover), published by The New York Magic Symposium
    Illustrated with drawings by Tom Gagnon
    Language: English
    73 entries

    Details: The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser includes Harry's handling of eight fabulous coin routines including his famous - Cap and Quarters The Mexican Jumping Coins Close-Up Miser Two Coin Interlude The Purse Swindle Purse Jam Copper; Silver; Gold. Illustrated by Earle Oakes. Excellent book, entertaining to read. Includes not just cards, but several ball routines, Okito box, and more. Recommended.


    7 Contents
    9 Foreword: by John Braun
    10 Foreword: by Charlie Miller
    11 Foreword: by John Thompson
    12 Introduction: Ed Brown on Harry's conjuring philosophy. Includes a description of the Right Hand Top Palm
    19 The Walnuts Trick: 3 walnuts to glass covered with can. Requires one rubber walnut. In three phases.
    30 The Instant Speller: Card spelling with some estimations and multiple outs
    36 The Distraction Factor: Misprinted card becomes spectator's selection; with an alternative opening
    43 Two Coin Interlude Plus: Four phases - Two invisible coins materialize in form of half dollar and copper English penny; coins vanish and reappear; half vanishes, copper jumps, then silver joins copper; silver vanishes again, copper jumps, and a 2nd copper appears with the silver. No gimmick coins, but not easy.
    52 Erdnase Aces and Quick Erdnase Aces: two ace cutting routines
    52 Erdnase Aces
    59 Quick Erdnase Aces: after the Aces are produced, the cut is repeated and the high cards of the same suit of one Ace are produced for a royal flush
    62 SemiAutomatic Gambler: 10 Card poker deal in which the "Jonah" card determines the losing hand when it is used with nine other cards (three sets of three of a kind)
    67 The Jumping Bean Coins: A Coins Across routine using four half dollars and an expanded shell. To be performed on a close-up mat.
    77 The Practice Deck: Double backed deck deals out 10 thru Ace of Spades, then becomes normal. Can be used with a special gimmick card (described) or without it.
    86 The Poker Lesson: a poker deal routine requiring only minimal setup and the look of being impromptu
    96 Harry's Cups & Balls: A sit down table version (requires lapping) using a clever two balls ahead principle and ending with three final loads under the cups. Harry uses the Ross Bertram cups.
    106 Flushed Aces: Aces turn into Royal Flush
    112 The Legendary Five Ace Poker Hand: Three Poker hands variously change in value. Uses principles from McDonald's Aces and requires double-faced cards
    120 Royal Flush Assembly: a variation of the above, but using the 5 cards of a Royal Flush
    130 The Cap and Quarters: a version of the cap and pence with good details on the switch and the ending ditch of the stack. Uses a leather cone, a wooden cone, and the stack gimmick.
    138 Marked Cards and Dealer's School:
    138 Harry's Marking System: described
    142 Reading the Cards
    143 Nail Writer Prediction: card prediction displaying the value of a delayed reading
    144 Dealer's School: A multiphase routine with the story line of the "Dealer's School" final exam
    150 Devilish Miracle Revisited: 2 cards are selected, one found in a packet of 5, then the card in the packet transposes with the one left in the deck
    154 Ball, Cone, and Box Routine: A ball and cone routine that also incorporates an "Egg Vase", or in this case, a "Ball Vase", although other methods can be used in the routine if a suitable sized vase cannot be found (Harry used a Morrison Pill Box). The cone is made of leather and is designed to fit the 1 3/4

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