Early Vernon By Faucett Ross & Dai Vernon

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    Early Vernon By Faucett Ross & Dai Vernon
    he Professor brought up-to-date in this ebook of the original Twenty Dollar Manuscript, Three Dollar Manuscript, and ten new Vernon variations. Illustrated by Vernon, edited by Faucet Ross, with nostalgic photos of the great man's life.

    Three Faces Of Vernon
    How It Began
    The Manuscript Story
    The Prospectus
    The Twenty Dollar Manuscript
    Vernon Five Card Mental Force
    Vernon Miracle Card Location
    Club Version
    Vernon Super Count Down
    Vernon Super Card Prediction
    Vernon Poker Demonstration
    Vernon Automatic Second Deal
    Slow Motion Card Vanish
    The Vernon Card Puzzle
    The Vernon Four Aces
    The Vernon Card Divination
    Five Close-Up Problems
    Follow The Leader
    Another You Do As I Do
    Novel Card Transposition
    Perfect Coin Vanish
    Short Change With Long Green
    New Vernon Variations
    Five Card Mental Selection
    Another Smear
    New Super Countdown
    Puzzling Demonstration
    Improved Card Puzzle
    New Divination
    A Peek
    Vernon Poker Routine


    Readers of the original Vernon Twenty Dollar Manuscript probably wondered who F.W.R. was and what he looked like. The identity of Faucett W. Ross has slowly come to light, as no subsequent book of Dai's has been published without credit lines to this ever willing helper. It would be impossible to say, in any trick, here or elsewhere, where Dai left off and Faucett began, so closely does their thinking in things magical coincide.

    In the first two manuscripts, definitely it was F.W.R.'s guiding hand that led trick to paper and paper to delighted magic reader. We have included a picture of Faucett W. Ross so that you may know the man as well as his in magic.

    Thru Ross, and thru Vernon, over a long period of years, we sought to revive the $20.00 manuscript and its follow-up, the $3.00 manuscript. They believed as we did, that this valuable property should not be lost to magicians, and should be put out again in fully authorized and revised form.

    Vernon is a thousand miles from Chicago and from Ross, and Ross is in turn five hundred miles from Chicago. This geographical triangle kept the deed in abeyance for years, but finally, at the Frances Marshall Thirtieth Anniversary Party in October, 1961, all parties concerned were together in one house, and all in a most mellow and nostalgic mood. It was the moment, and the moment was grasped. The material was turned over to Jay Marshall, with revisions, additions, suggestions, and blessings.

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