Docc Hilford - Sussurus Arcanus

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    Docc Hilford Sussurus Arcanus

    HN Magic Review 54: Sussurus Arcanus - Docc Hilford


    A secret source of information from Docc Hilford!
    Susurrus Arcanus means secret whisper, and the subject is SR.

    On this exceptional tape, Docc gives you a complete tutorial, including practice sessions,
    and caps the whole thing off with a killer effect that is, to use an oft abused label, a true reputation maker. He tells you when to use this technique, and when not to use it. This is the best and most complete treatment of the topic ever published.

    Yes, we are blushing. After all, if the others had done a good job, everyone would be using SR. If you have encountered SR before and dismissed it as either too obvious or too hard, it's because the earlier discussions were sketchy and not based on the kind of experience that Docc has with it. If you want a valuable and useful technique for discovering unknown information, you need this tape. This is a limited edition tape. One can be yours for just $34.95.


    Not that the product is outstanding (usual overpriced item from the Floras), but SR is such a wonderful and underused concept.

    The tape deals with basic shapes, numbers, letters and drawings. Docc uses a chalk and a board - it's really harder with a pencil, in real life situations. The "Numbers" section is the most detailed, but still simplistic (BIG problems with 5...): I often feel the need for a back up.

    The only tape entirely devoted to this principle, as far as I know.

    OVERALL RATING: very good

    Docc Hilford - Sussurus Arcanus