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    Docc Hilford E'Voque Pro Package


    E’Voque Pro Package by Docc Hilford



    E’Voke is great for mentalists, but just as usable by children’s magicians and comedy performers,

    Every professional mentalist I know who has ever been taught E’Voke is now using it in their shows.

    Use E’Voke once and you’ll use it every day.

    E’Voke has these important features:

    You’re always ready to perform anywhere anytime.

    E’Voke will enable you to force any kind of object at any time, anywhere and the spectator feels his choice is completely free.

    Forcing an object on a spectator is a powerful weapon in the mentalist’s / magician’s arsenal.

    Causing someone to choose an item that you want selected is strong, but non-card force methods are often dependent upon a special gimmick.

    There are special boxes and countless types of bags that accomplish the task, but you. have to have the prop with you.

    That’s a problem if you want to work Real Time.

    And what about objects that won’t fit in a bag?

    How do you force an item from a dinner table or from a number of pieces of art, without using a list or cards with names?

    There are some procedural methods of forcing.

    However, the old, “ picked that one, so we’ll use this one…” is a very weak alternative..

    E’Voke is the answer.

    It’s a procedural forcing method that’s entirely scripted.

    That’s right!

    You know what you’re going to say to the spectator before he makes his choice.

    No more stumbling with words while you try to figure what you’ll say based on whether the spectator chooses or leaves an item.

    It’s so smooth.

    E’Voke can force small items such as coins or things as large as people

    E’Voke can force any item from a group of 7 or 27.

    There’s no psychological positioning required.

    The spectator arranges the items in any way he wants.

    Best of all, another spectator can make the prediction of what will be chosen!

    E’Voke is great for mentalist, but just as usable for children’s magicians and comedy performers.

    Every professional mentalist I know, who has been taught E’Voke, is using it in their programs

    Use E’Voke once and you’ll use it every day!

    E’Voke has these important features:

    • No extra crops are needed.
    • No switches or sleight of hand is necessary.
    • Any type of number of objects can be used.
    • Can force volunteers on stage.
    • Completely scripted. -.You always know what you’re going to say.
    • The spectator’s choices are free.
    • The procedure is repeatable.
    • A second party can make the prediction.
    • No psychological ploys.
    • Mental, magic and kid show routines are explained.
    • Two full stage routines, as well as close up effects are included.
    • E’Voke makes the old Magicians’ Choice antiquated.

    BONUS VIDEO 2023

    This new E’Voke Update is packed with fresh information.

    We look at several things, but the most time is devoted to the Psychology of Peeking.

    Peeking at clandestine information can be done stealthily, or blatantly.

    But there’s a distinct psychology to both ploys.

    Discover what I have to say about peeking techniques from the classic Center Tear to boldly looking at the billet.

    Learn why there’s a place for both techniques.

    Most of you know I have decades of practical experience in billet work opposed to a theoretical viewpoint.

    The video shares insights on topics such as:

    • The Importance of Underlying Effect
    • Directing Audience Attention
    • Over Proving and Over Compensating
    • Stealth Methods vs. Openly Peeking

    What’s taught here can be applied to any type of billet reading.

    It’s practical information to bring into the field with your own preferred peek technique.


    As a bonus you’ll see demonstrated AND be shown the method of one of the most protected billet switches of private readers, THE FINCH.

    It’s not for sale, but I demonstrate it in real time and then explain it here.

    E’VOKE UPDATE is FREE for a limited time – ORDER NOW.


    Docc Hilford E'Voque Pro Package

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