Docc Hilford - Desire

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    Docc Hilford - Desire

    One participant,

    Two slips of paper,

    Three POWERFUL climaxes!


    "This may be my favorite plot of yours, Docc."


    Jeff McBride

    Here's what it looks like:

    A subject is given two slips of paper.

    On one he writes a single desire, say BMW.

    The other is left blank.

    The folded slips are mixed by the subject and held one in each fist.

    The mentalist knows what the DESIRE is and where the "empty" billet is!

    The slip is opened to prove it.


    The slips are mixed so that the subject is unaware of which is which.

    The mentalist still finds the "emptiness" of the blank slip.

    It's opened to prove it.


    Finally, to eliminate all desire, the written slip is burned to ash.

    A pinch of the ash is rubbed on the skin of the mentalist and the desire APPEARS...

    written in the same handwriting as it was on the billet!!!


    Check out these FEATURES:

    No forces You don't know the chosen desire until the routine unfolds Can be done surrounded No pre show No prep necessary The word appears as it was written! No wallets or envelopes No special folds or tears The plot is simple to follow No reset required

    Unlike many "which Hand" effects, there are NO PSYCHOLOGICAL PLOYS involved.

    Discernment is %100 certain.


    Unlike other "Ash on the Arm" effects,

    There's NO FORCING.

    And the word appears written in ash the same way it was written by the subject!


    BEST OF ALL...

    The plot and patter are a joy.

    A brief demonstration of the elimination of worldly desire.

    A Buddhist concept that's meant to lead to joy.

    This is emotional theater at its best.

    With just a couple pieces of paper, you can show the secret of divine happiness in miniature play form, right at someone's table.

    YOU GET:

    30 minute MP4 video

    Instant Download


    Learn some secret billet work that most never see.

    Docc Hilford teaches you step-by-step how to fold, handle and control with SIMPLE and EASY TO DO moves.


    Original release date 2013


    Docc Hilford Desire

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